The type of fade you get has a dramatic effect on the way your fresh haircut and hairstyle is going to look. Lets go over all the types of fade haircuts that you can ask your barber to give you at your upcoming visits. If you want a super clean men’s haircut then you will want to get a cool fade.

Outside of the area of your hair that gets faded you can go with short hair on top, or a medium to long length of hair that will create more contrast. A longer length of hair will also give you more options on how to style your look. You can slick back your hair, keep it more natural and dry looking, mess it up, or style it neat with a combover.

Within the faded area on the sides and back of your head, your barber can really alter your look dramatically depending on how he does the fade. In general you have three options: a low, mid or high fade haircut.

For each type of fade your barber will use clippers to go from a very short length or even bald skin, and graduate up to a greater length towards the top of the head. If you want a little extra style ask for a hard part or a specific hair design.

Lets get into the details with these 27 fresh men’s fade haircuts that will continue to be popular choices for men’s hairstyles in 2019.

Low Fade Haircut

low skin fade haircut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

This men’s haircut is very cool. This low fade blends into a touch more length in the upper sides, and the medium length hair is slicked back dry and natural.

Mid Fade Haircut

mid fade haircut

Haircut by Agus Barber

Here we have a mid fade that blends perfectly into a textured medium length of hair.

High Fade Haircut

high fade haircut

Haircut by Julius Cvesar

A super clean high skin fade meets medium length naturally curly hair.

Curly Hair + Skin Fade

curly fade haircut

Haircut by criztofferson

Curly hair cut short on top and blended seamlessly into a skin fade.

Box Fade Haircut

box fade haircut

Haircut by Andy Authentic

More of a rounded box shape on top cut and clipped to perfection.

Long Hair + Fade

high fade long hair on top

Haircut by Mikey

A flawless skin fade with longer hair on top that you can style a million different ways. Super versatile haircut.

Low Drop Fade

low drop fade

Haircut by Rok Mann Barbers

Another great example of the drop fade with a view from the back. This fade haircut style gives some cool looking sharp contrast.

Shadow Fade

shadow fade

Haircut by Changeman

The shadow fade blends nicely from very short to short on the sides. Can be low/mid/high just like the skin fade.

Comb Over Fade Haircut

combover fade

Haircut by Nick The Barber

Another classic men’s haircut. Clean fade and slicked combover.

Bald Fade

bald fade haircut

Haircut by Pat Regan

Perfect for hot climates. A low bald fade haircut.

Skin Fade + Disconnected Top


Haircut by Ryan Hardgrind

Awesome contrast in this haircut. The longer hair on top is disconnected from the mid to high fade.

Classic Skin Fade

classic skin fade

Haircut by Squeak Pro Barber

A perfect example of a classic men’s haircut with a very very clean skin fade. Well done Squeak.

Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade

Haircut by Andy Authentic

One of the cleanest fades combined with a hair design (a strikeout part) that I we have ever seen. This mohawk fade looks so cool with the disconnected beard too. Awesome work.

Fohawk (aka Faux Hawk) Fade


Haircut by Squeak Pro Barber

This one we are calling a fohawk fade. A simple clean short men’s haircut that is perfect for hotter climates.

Drop Fade

drop fade

Haircut by Nick The Barber

A low drop fade gives sudden contrast between the hair on top and the low sides and back of the head.

High Fade + Long Textures

high fade haircut with long textures

Haircut by Men’s World Herenkappers

An even higher fade combined with longer textured hair that almost gives a mohawk look.

Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade haircut

Haircut by Pat Regan

A super clean freshy and beard cut by one of the masters of fades, barber Pat Regan.

Temp Fade / Temple Fade

blowout fade

Haircut by Pat Regan

Another beauty by Pat. Here we have a high temp aka temple fade.

High Skin Fade + Textured Hair

high skin fade textured hair haircut for men

Haircut by Julius Cvesar

Medium textured hair with a high skin fade that is as clean as it gets.

Fade + Hard Part

high fade hard part pompadour haircut

Haircut by ambarberia

This haircut is amazing and the final hairstyle too. We have a mid fade combined with a hard part, styled as a modern combover pompadour. So cool.

Fade + Hair Design

high fade hair design

Haircut by Squeak Pro Barber

Another fresh hair design worked into a clean skin fade.

Burst Fade

burst fade

Haircut by Andy Authentic

The burst fade focuses around the ears and creates a mohawk kind of look.

Skin Fade + Pompadour

high skin fade pompadour haircut for men

Haircut by Juan Manuel Ortiz

A loose wild pompadour with a high bald fade. Very cool.

Short Hair + High Skin Fade

short hair high skin fade haircut

Haircut by Javi The Barber

Another classic short men’s haircut but with a modern twist. Javi The Barber adds texture to the hair on top and blends beautifully into this mid skin fade.

High Top Fade Haircut

high top fade

Haircut by Pat Regan

What an incredible shape carved by Pat Regan. A nice wide high top and low fade.

Blowout Fade

blowout fade

Haircut by Pat Regan

Pat can do all types of fades. Incredible work. Here we have a classic blowout fade.

Skin Taper Blowout Hawk

skin taper blowout hawk

Haircut by Nick The Barber

One of the coolest haircuts we have seen this year. Very cool long hair sculpted into a blowout hawk.

Want some more fade haircut ideas?

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