Braided bow fan bun video tutorial

This easy bun is so simple and quick to make, you’ll love it! A dutch braid, combined with a popular fan messy bun technique gives this standard rolled double bun a fun bow look!

This cute hairstyle could be worn for casual occasions, or for more formal events.  It would be great for cheer leading, dance, gymnastics, soccer, track, etc.

Braided Bow Fan Bun Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

My daughter often wears this tucked bun (without the braid) as a quick hairstyle for school. It is a great option for second day hair, or hair that isn’t looking so great and is perfect for putting your hair up quickly for after school sports.  But recently she was wearing a dutch braid (as shown at the first of our tutorial) with her hair down. When she pulled her hair up into her “go to” bun after school, this cute style was created.  We both noticed the top of the bun looked adorably like a bow with the braid in the center!

Quick and easy braided bow fan bun video tutorial

Easy messy bun tutorial. Braided bow fan bun

If french braiding or dutch braiding isn’t your thing, or you don’t have time for that… You could start with a standard ponytail and add a regular 3 strand braid accent before making the bun for a similar look. And, as mentioned in our video, you could place the braid so that it shows in the bottom layer of this bun as well for a double braid look. This bun can be made to look sleek and smooth or more rough and messy, depending on your event and preference. 

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:

  • 1 medium size ponytail holder or hair tie (similar to your hair color would be best.)
  • 1 small hair elastic for the bottom of the braid.
  • Bobby pins (optional.)
  • Finishing hairspray (optional.)

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