Braided Edge Banded Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Today we are showing a variation of a fun new braid that we posted last week.  If we have to choose, we actually like this version the most. 😉  We love the way the fishtail strands are intricately stacked on this braid.  And although this braid looks like it could be difficult, it is actually quite easy to create!

Braided Edge Banded Fishtail Video Tutorial (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Braided Edge Banded Fishtail Braid, Video Tutorial

As mentioned in our hair tutorial (above) the only difference between this and last week’s braid is the way that the fishtail strands are brought in.  Last time we pulled the strands up through the ponytail, which made a reverse fishtail braid.  This time the strands were taken down through the ponytail, creating a standard fishtail braid in each section.

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