Braided edge reverse banded fishtail braid video tutorial

Today we are sharing a fun new braid! The Braided Edge Reverse Banded Fishtail. 

We love this braid because it is easy, even for beginning braiders, but looks so unique and intricate. It is also less time consuming than most fishtail braids.

Braided Edge Reverse Banded Fishtail Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

You may remember the “twisted edge fishtail braid” we posted several years ago? This was one of our favorite creations and one of the braids we are most proud of on our blog!  This braided edge banded braid is sort of a variation of the twisted edge fishtail.

Braided edge reverse banded fishtail tutorial

This braid can be done in a ponytail style (as shown) or as a half up.  As mentioned in our video, you could also make this using a regular fishtail technique instead of a reverse fishtail (which we hope to show in an upcoming tutorial.)

We love this braid left together as more of a tight and sleek braid. Or lifted and stretched for a more voluminous look, which accentuates all of the details of this braid.

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