Sometimes that not too long, not too short hair length is just right. Medium hair for men is longer than 2″ or something like that.

These medium men’s haircut tend to be long on top with short sides and back but don’t have to be. Some scissor cut looks keep a good amount of length at the sides and back. For guys wanting a lower maintenance look, sides can be short, faded or undercut.

While many of these medium men’s hairstyles are version of the slick back, pompadour or quiff, there are plenty of other cuts at this length. Longer versions of the trendy crop can be medium length and styled down into bangs or with some spikes. Side part hairstyles or comb overs are another easy to style option. And of course there are many ways to create a unique slicked back style by adding texture, a part or changing direction.

Check out these pictures of men’s medium haircuts for 23 messy, clean cut and cool looks.

1. Medium Length Crop

Jamie Stuart

This is medium length version of the popular crop haircut. Thick hair is cut into heavy blunt bangs and styled with texture. The sides are short and faded.

2. Textured Quiff

Jarreds Barbers

Here’s another version of the trendy textured crop styled up into a spiky quiff. The sides are short with a low skin fade.

3. High Fade Haircut + Vertical Pomp

Victor Cruz

This high fade haircut leaves hair long on top. It can be styled in lots of ways but this vertical pomp is dramatic and cool.

4. Textured Spikes

Will Salon

This medium length haircut with a high fade is styled into modern spikes with plenty of texture.

5. Messy Comb Over Fade

Baldy’s Barbers

The comb over fade is frequently a slick style but this messy, high volume version has plenty of natural flow.

6. Undercut Hairstyle

Black Rose

This undercut hairstyle can easily be styled straight back but try textured criss cross style for something different.

7. Side Part Pompadour

Baldy’s Barbers

This cool version of a side part haircut has short hair on one side of the part and medium length hair on the other. Hair is styled up and over into a matte pomp.

8. Pomp Hawk + Undercut Fade

Corey Sturkey

This cool disconnected undercut is styled into a pompadour mohawk hybrid.

9. James Dean Haircut

Matthew Conrad

This modern version of the classic James Dean haircut has a little bit more length than the original but is styled with that characteristic tousled finish. In this age of the hipster, James Dean may have worn a similar short beard.

10. Messy Quiff

Jamie Stuart

This cool look hits three of 2018’s major hair trends for men. The taper cut is styled into a messy quiff with texture.

11. Long on Top Taper Haircut

Martin John

This scissor cut style pulls some longer hair on top back while leaving some loose over the forehead in a nod to the 90s.

12. Sweep Back + Side Part

The Hideout Barbershop

There are many ways to get a unique version of a slicked back style. Style it messy or slick, straight back or over to the side or add a part, like above.

13. Taper Haircut for Wavy Hair

Cameron Tooyserkani

Medium length haircuts look great with some wave. Instead of a loose, shaggy look this gentleman pulled hair back into a cool sweep back with plenty of natural texture.

14. Movement + Flow

Braid Barbers

This long look has lots of movement and flow that strikes the balance between styled and messy.

15. Comb Over + Hard Part

Francisco Aranda

This fresh look contrasts a defined shaved part with a loose comb over.

16. Sweep Back + Taper Haircut

Aaron Kiely

Swept back hair is similar to a slick back but looks like wind did your styling. This taper for fine hair is styled with a matte product and fingers for a loose finish that stays in place.

17. Men’s Medium Haircut

Glassbox Barbershop

This cut is medium length all over with some length and shape at the neckline.

18. Morrissey Hair

Glassbox Barbershop

This loose quiff is inspired by Morrissey’s signature style, which was inspired by James Dean. This classic pomp has been in style for the last 50 years and looks as good today as it ever has.

19. Surfer Slick Back + Beard

Tom Baxter Hair

This cool look takes messy chin length surfer hair and slicks it back with a low shine pomade. The tousled look contrast the ultra clean beard.

20. Messy Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Stephen J.

This bed head style for men’s medium hair couldn’t be easier to style or exude more cool.

21. Side Pomp

Groomed Barber Club

This modern take on the pompadour pulls hair to one side on the diagonal and adds piecey texture.

22. Modern Pompadour

Stephen J.

A textured finish without shine adds a modern finish to the classic pompadour shape.

23. Side Part Hair

Mens Medium Haircuts

Travis Hill

To get this high volume side part hairstyle, try parting hair opposite the usual side. Hair gets used to your usual look, so this will add some height.

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