Glass Hair

The new hair trend of 2019 is the glass hair. And you, have you already thought about revolutionizing your hair with a super shiny glass effect?

New year, new hairstyle: according to tradition, season after season the trends concerning haircuts and colors to be adopted in order to be fashionable are renewed conquering VIPs and ordinary people.

The 2019 in particular will see the explosion of a real trend that began already at the end of last year and that has conquered a bit ‘all: the glass hair.

Glass hair: what is it?

What is it? It is the new hair trend that is popular among women and that is increasingly in demand in hairdressing salons.
More than a cut or a specific color, like the very fashionable Living Coral Pantone 2019, it is a type of hair care that makes it look super shiny and cared, to make it look shiny just like the sparkle of light on the glass.

The term glass hair literally means “glass hair” to indicate the effect of the very shiny hair that is obtained.
There are already many celebrities who have adopted the glass hair and who have shown shiny hair on the red carpet and social channels: Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Hailey Baldwin, Jourdan Dunn, Jenna Dewan and Lucy Hale are just some of the celebrities who have embraced the philosophy of glass hair.

Glass hair: how to have shiny hair

All women dream of shiny and shiny hair and with the trend of glass hair, this dream seems to become reality: how do you get the glass effect on your hair?
The indispensable allies to obtain these super special effects, as revealed by the hair stylists who first launched the trend by reproducing the glass effect on the heads of international stars, are the products for styling. In particular, the hair must be extremely cured and nourished and then smoothed to the maximum with the use of plates and high-performance smoothing and polishing products.

Lacquers, oils, waxes, gels, mousses and polishing sprays are the indispensable tools for obtaining a perfect glass glass.
Jennifer Yepez, the first hair stylist to have launched fashion, had treated Hailey Baldwin’s hair, the first star to show off her glass-effect hair that has won over other celebrities as well as the common people who immediately ran from her hairdressers to trust asking him to replicate the effect. So the secret to making shiny hair is a perfect styling, but there is another element that plays a fundamental role: cutting.

Glass hair: what are the recommended cuts to enhance it

The hair stylist who first launched the glass hair told that in the ’60s this effect had been realized by Vidal Sassoon: in that specific case the glass hair had been obtained on a 5-pointed cut, the best to put highlight the shine of the hair and get the glass effect.
The best cut for the glass hair is undoubtedly the bobs inspired by the 90s, a medium-long and extremely neatly chic, possibly with the middle row, better if with dark and full color hair, even if the glass hair also make it very well on blonde hair.

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