Haircut trends 2019

The haircuts 2019 are perfect to suit the tastes of every woman: here’s what to try to achieve a guaranteed wow effect

The haircuts 2019 are characterized by style and personality: every woman will find the most suitable hairstyle to their tastes, showing off a head of unforgettable charm. Long, medium, short, curly and smooth: here are the most glamorous trends of the new year and why it is right to change and dare with your own image.

Haircuts 2019: when experimenting it’s beautiful

Every woman loves to change and renew her look, but nothing can give emotions like a new hairstyle.

Playing with contrasts and experimenting can be beautiful, so here are the haircuts 2019 to try at least once, in the sign of carefree and spontaneity:

  • among the short haircuts 2019 definitely stands out the concept of “sweet cut”. A short cut, but not excessively short, that plays on soft lines, while the locks, are cut to size of the face, interpreting and enhancing the femininity in all its infinite nuances. Another proposal that has won so many stars and models is that instead of an ultra short cut, but super customizable, made specifically to bring out the features and colors of the face: impossible to resist this tribute to the female personality and its wonderful uniqueness;
  • the medium haircuts 2019 instead are the perfect choice for those who can not give up the versatility, proving ideal to be worn loose, but also to achieve beautiful sophisticated or casual hairstyles. Of variable length from the ears to just below the clavicle, the medium cut par excellence is the helmet: the low bob in fact offers a disheveled styling and gives a lot of style. Another proposal that has been very successful among the top models is soft touch carré with light and very soft geometries and a length that varies from the chin up to under the shoulders;
  • the long haircuts 2019 are always a must have in the name of elegance, but it is important that the hair is treated in every detail, to avoid an unpleasant effect disheveled that goes wrong with those with long hair. Among the most popular cuts are those scaled and liscissimi, perfect to give a sophisticated touch to the face, conquering with brightness and softness. The extreme lengths are back in fashion and many protagonists of the entertainment world have decided to focus on combining long hair and deep fringe, thus enhancing their sensuality.

Among the curly haircuts of 2019, on the other hand, those with a decisive scaling stand out, perfect for those who have tight and voluminous curls and a round cut with the side line designed specifically to enhance the volume in case of wider and softer curls.

Haircuts 2019 adapt to the needs and desires of every woman, celebrating femininity in all its forms and nuances. Whether short, medium or long, straight or curly, the secret is to enhance your personality, showing off a unique and decisive hairstyle, ideal to leave everyone really open-mouthed!

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