In this week’s video, Ana shows us how to get beautiful tight curls that look completely natural! Let us know in the comments if you would ever try this! xx

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28 thoughts on “How to Get Natural Looking Tight Curls

  1. So pretty !!! Ignore all the Dumb rude comments , can’t make everyone happy . I always find most people who hate are just jealous . You did a great job !

  2. Welcome. I am going to be doing one of your styles in April at my wedding in Hawaii! My sister will actually do it for me. !

  3. Your hair would look much healthier if you got a really good cut and used a curl gel when your hair is soaking wet. People never want to cut but if it’s in a healthier state it will grow much faster!

  4. That looks super cute! Thanks for posting it. Pay no attention to comments who are rude. You have encouraged me to try it myself. I was thinking of getting a perm before I saw your video! Forget the perm!

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