This year has seen all kinds of new hairstyles with shaved lines, fresh fades, and bold silhouettes. These trends have also made their way into facial hair.

Check out these new ways to wear a beard with slashes, fades, and more. Whether facial hair is kept short or long, beard shaping keeps the cheeks clean and also creates flattering shapes or lines that nature can’t create.

These beard designs and shaped are done by professionals. There are some things that can’t be done at home and straight lines and blurry fades are one of them. Just tack on a beard trim to your next barber visit for a full makeover.

Now check out these cool new ways to wear beards.

1. Beard Slash

Iisakki Nummi

Beard slashes usually start somewhere in the hair and appear to continue in facial hair. Size, shape, and placement are up to you. This is a subtle version with a hint of slash behind the ear that extends to the line of the jaw.

2. Beard Scratches

Zeke the Barber

Scratches are just what they sounds like. This gentleman looks like he was mauled by a cat with two claws in the best possible way.

3. Beard + Fade + Line

Seu Elias

Shaved lines work with any hairstyles and length of beard.

Straight Line

Underground Veria

The shaved lines has plenty of impact in long hair and short.

Groomed Beard

Roddy Colón

A fade extending up and down from the sideburn creates a type of mirror image between this pomp fade and short beard.

Beard Line Up

Baldy’s Barbers

This beard shape features a continues curve from the temple to mustache.

Chin Strap Beard

Rich “Smash” Payne

Defined lines create an angular chin strap.

Bald + Beard

Taylor Gang

The surplus of testosterone that leads to male pattern baldness can also grow full facial hair. A quick fade at the sideburn creates a seamless transition from shaved head to full beard.

Temple Fade

ways to wear a beard

Petey Rock

A temple fade creates a small but distinct separation between beard and this classic men’s hairstyle.

Line Up + Temple Fade

black beard

Hiram Muniz

A temple fade reveals a bit of skin and clears a path for glasses.

Low Fade

Hawk the Barber Prodigy

A low fade creates even more separation and highlights the angular shape of this full black beard.

Disconnected Beard

Wizzy da Barber

A fade isn’t the only way to disconnect a beard. Try carving hair into sharp points instead.

Pointed Beard

beard styles 2018 2019

Jōvan Reyne Figueroa

Dense facial hair can be used to create interesting shapes, like this beard that comes to a distinct point at the chin.

Full Chin Strap

Every man has different facial hair growth patterns. They all look good, except for the neck beard. This long chin strap creates a new and interesting face shape. Enhance the look by keeping the cheeks clean.

How to Shape a Beard

Wes Staucet

Dense facial hair can be sculpted into interesting shapes like topiary. This angled beard is sleek and stylish as well as enhanced by the disconnect fade.

Rounded Beard

The Commodore Tonsorial Parlor

A low fade places extra attention on the curved shape of this lush beard.

Full Beard + Handlebar Mustache

Andrew Does Hair

This gentleman is certainly making the most of what he’s got with an artfully shaped long beard accented by a handlebar mustache. Get the look with a wax-based beard product that holds the mustache and softens long facial hair. There are many beard waxes out there but Honest Amish Original Beard Wax, which has been around since the 1970s, has stood the test of time.

Pomp Fade + Long Beard

Matthew Conrad

Extra height in the pomp plus a low fade around the sides balances out this impressive beard.

Shaved Head + Shaped Beard

Yahia Jaber

A clean shaven head places even more emphasis on facial hair. Make the most of it with a crisp design and full beard that tapers off at the sideburns.

Crop + Beard

Rafa X Hair

This fresh style combines the hottest hairstyle with a classic beard. This crop features a jagged piece of fringe and a skin fade. The beard is old school and clean cut with a longer mustache.

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