20+ Curly Short Hair 2019
Curly short hair 2019

2019 brings several proposals for a curly short haircut. The handling of this type of hair can often be complicated, but if it is correct in the cut and it is taken care of properly, the work becomes much simpler and the hair will look really amazing.

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The cuts for curly hair are one of the most complicated, and very few stylists cut it well. Here we present the styles that will be used this year.


The curls never go out of fashion, so if you’re lucky to have them naturally, you can enjoy a nice style in her hair. One of the styles you can choose is the pixie cut, which is achieved by cutting the hair very short, leaving it only a few centimeters long. You can cut the hair almost the same length over the entire head, or longer at the top. You can also shave the sides of the sides.

It is a very good look for those who have medium thick hair, and a lot of hair density throughout the head. It makes the hair radiant, with a natural volume, in a curly style with a lot of movement.

As we mentioned before, it can be worn with the sides shaved, even with some line drawn.

This cut adapts very well to those with a small and very thin face. Achieving this type of hairstyle is not very complicated, first you must protect the hair with a thermal protector, and then proceeds to assemble the curls a bit with curling iron or iron, to give a smoother texture. The curling should be done in different directions. Finally comb with your fingers to give the curls a more natural look.

We see that in the very curly hair this cut also looks very nice.

A very feminine dress can find the perfect accessory in a cut like this, because it lets you wear the neck and neckline in all its splendor.


This cut is suitable for those with loose curls, and not too much hair density. It looks good if you leave it just over your shoulder. Foam is applied to the root area and evenly distributed to the ends of curly hair, which usually tends to be dry. Then the hair is lifted with a paddle comb. Once the hair is dry, break the curls shaking the head slightly.

As you can see, the trend moves away once more from the protocolarly ordered hair and is committed to the messy manes that give our look a more natural look. Precisely, the looks this season, focus on highlighting the natural and fresh beauty of women, in a search for genuine beauty that has been so lost in recent years.


Shorter layers are cut at the top, giving way, little by little, to longer layers towards the sides of the hair. In this way the cut helps to give a bit of atura when it is straight and relieves the weight when it is curly. This style is recommended for those with moderately fine and medium length hair. In very thick and curly hair, this cut will become voluminous and uncontrollable and in too fine hair it will become raining and without grace.

It is also a very advantageous style because it is classic and modern at the same time, giving those who choose it the ability to have a hair worthy of admiration.

Women who have a voluminous hair can opt for this type of style, taking advantage of natural curls, to also get a fresh and natural look.

With bangs

The hair is cut in layers with some strands on the forehead, which look perfect with loose curls. It is a very recommended cut for the curls not so marked, rather softly waved. It adapts very well to square frame faces, round or heart-shaped, especially when the hair reaches at least up to the shoulders.

To achieve these incredible waves, a first blow of dry air is recommended to smooth the hair, prior to the final hairstyle. Then from the nape of the neck, take strands, and wrap them on a tube. Finally brush them with thick tooth comb or with your fingers.

In 2019 the hairstyles with curls will be a clear trend, since they have been used for several seasons, and their use has not declined. Another season of voluminous and textured looks is coming, and for that reason women with straight hair do a thousand things to get a curly or wavy hair, according to fashion. So if you have natural curls, take them out instead of lacting them.

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