3 Easy Hairstyles For Fall (Heatless)

The chilly wind, falling leaves and raindrops outside are a subtle reminder that fall is here.

But although the summer days are behind us, it doesn’t mean we still can’t rock awesome hairstyles! In today’s post, we’re sharing 3 super cute and easy hairstyles that are great for the Fall season – they are beautiful, but very quick and simple to create. 

These hairstyles can be done on short hair, medium hair, long hair, straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. Pretty much, they will look great on all types of hair, haha. Best part? They are all heatless. Watch the video below, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions on how to create these 3 hairstyles. 

wrap around ponytail easy hairstyle luxy hair 

  1. Section your hair in the back in a ‘V’ formation and secure with a hair tie. 
  2. Take the right section of the remaining hair and start twisting inwards (counterclockwise) around the top of the hair tie. 
  3. Pull the end of the twisted section through the elastic to secure it in place. 
  4. Now take the left section of the hair and repeat the same step – twist inwards (clockwise).
  5. Pull the end of this section through the hair tie at the bottom. 
  6. That’s it! How fast and easy was that?

wrap around ponytail hairstyle luxy hair fall


wrap around half updo


  1. Create a half ponytail with the hair at the crown of your head.
  2. Take the right section of hair and wrap above the hair tie.
  3. Secure with 1 or 2 bobby pins. 
  4. Repeat the same step with the left section of hair – wrap it above the hair tie.
  5. Secure it with another 1 or 2 bobby pins on the other side.
  6. Make sure both sections are wrapped evenly and if needed, secure with more bobby pins. That’s it! How beautiful is this quick hairstyle?

wrap around hairstyle quick easy and heatless hair style

Hairstyles for fall
  1. Split your hair in two and secure with a small hair tie at the top. Then secure another hair tie about 2 inches below the first. 
  2. Take the remaining ponytail and pull it through the opening between the first two hair elastics.
  3. Continue doing this along the ponytail, and pull sections apart to fan the hair out for a more fluffy look.
  4. Tighten the created loops, but be careful not to rip or break the hair tie. Continue doing so until the very bottom of the ponytail.
  5. Repeat the same steps on the other side. 
  6. Wear your favorite fall hat, and the look is complete! 

luxy hair faux fishtail braids

Karin wore her 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for some highlights and thickness in these hairstyles. Hair extensions are optional, but they do add that extra volume and length that is often required when creating hairstyles. If you’re new to hair extensions, click here to see what the benefits of hair extensions are, and to learn a little bit more of how they work. It’s a lot easier than you probably think 😉

Which hairstyle was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! We love hearing from you. 

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