Best Royal Wedding Hairstyles Of All Time: Photos, Ideas & Inspiration

Shh…do you hear that? The wedding bells are chiming! Wedding season is the best season—it’s full of promise, hope, and best of all, there’s so much love in the air. This is amplified when it comes time for a royal wedding, and the latest royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had us feeling all the feels. From Meghan’s stunning couture dresses to her sophisticated, elegant hairstyles, we were crushing big time.

Royal weddings always come with so much anticipation and excitement and this isn’t a new trend. As long ago as 1947, Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to Prince Philip was actually broadcasted over the radio to 200 million people. These events have always been super hyped and rightfully so! Nobody throws a wedding quite like the royals, are we right?

Something we love about the royal weddings is the timeless aspect to all of them. The fashion is classic and always beautiful, and the hairstyles are elegant and look effortless. We’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorite royal wedding bridal hairstyles to inspire you and maybe even give you your own styling ideas for your big day. Because who doesn’t want to look like royalty?

1. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Ok, let’s start strong right out of the gate. We can’t help but gush about all the beauty that is Meghan Markle. From her classic Givenchy wedding gown, to her natural glam, and subdued updo, Meghan was the epitome of an elegant bride. Her gown’s simple lines paired beautifully with her long lace veil, not to mention that sweet bouquet made from the flowers that Harry picked from their private garden. Swoon! Everything was so precious, but we need to talk about that hairstyle she chose. We love the natural, elegant bun she wore gracefully. The pieces of hair that frame her face paired beautifully with her vintage headpeace. Fun fact, the tiara Meghan wore was actually created for Queen Mary, the Princess of Teck. If you love this style as much as we do, check out our tutorial of an elegant bun you can accomplish in 2 minutes flat. 

2. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Also known as Kate Middleton, this wedding look is still being talked about all these years later, because it was just that good! Kate looked amazing in that ornate lace gown and magnificent veil trailing behind. There’s always that initial question when trying to decide on a wedding hairstyle–up or down? Kate chose a half-up option and we couldn’t love it more. The soft curls, and the pretty swept back bangs…we love this option for a bombshell bride look. If you don’t have the length or volume to pull of a wedding hairstyle like this, not to worry. Just pop in a few wefts of our 220g Luxy Hair extensions into the bottom portion of your hair, and you’re good to go! If you’d like to re-create Kate’s wedding look with a bit of a twist, check out our tutorial here.

3. Caroline, Princess of Hanover

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Princess Caroline’s wedding look makes our bohemian hearts go wild. She rocked a bold middle part with this amazing floral accented veil that tied into her wildflower bouquet. We can’t even handle the beauty! This sleek hairstyle option is great to accessorize. It’s a perfect blank canvas, and it’s so easy to dress up in any way you want. If you’re a bohemian beauty and want to learn how to create this wedding hairstyle, this elegant wrap around bun hairstyle  perfectly emulates the famous Princess Caroline’s bohemian vibe.

4. Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Princess Sofia is total goals in every way. She chose to wear a tiara with emerald accents, and it looked so perfectly regal on her. She styled her hair in a super sleek updo that accentuated her stunning facial features. We love these large elegant bun hairstyles especially when there’s a lot of volume and height. It’s the perfect hairstyle fit for a tiara! Here’s a similar look that would be perfect for a tiara or a headband to wear on your special day.

5. Queen Letizia of Spain

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Queen Letizia rocked a high collar gown with a v-neck line and looked like an absolute stunner on her wedding day. We’ve noticed a trend among royal weddings with swept back updos and we’re loving them! Having hair in your face is a big no-no, especially on a day that involves lots of cameras, and a lot of attention on you. Opting for a pulled back look is smart, classic and functional. Letizia wore hers with an intricate tiara and some awesome statement earrings. We love how Letizia’s hairstyle isn’t as polished as some, and actually has a more tousled, messy look. To achieve that, check out this tutorial.

6. Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

We weren’t going to compile a list of noteworthy royal wedding hairstyles without including Queen Elizabeth II herself! Her look was timeless and definitely goes down in history. You know a woman is all about class and elegance when she adorns herself in pearls. Queen Elizabeth’s wedding hairstyle was full of body and volume, two of our favorite things! To achieve a really full bodied updo, check out this tutorialOf course, if you’re struggling to get that beautiful thickness in your hair, we have a little secret. Just a few wefts of Luxy Hair extensions can go a long way in creating this voluminous look.

7. Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

If we didn’t know any better, we would have guessed that Princess Marie definitely invented the top knot messy bun. She rocked it on her wedding day in true princess fashion with one of the glitziest tiaras we’ve ever seen. Adding a beautiful jewelled accessory to any hairstyle really transforms it into something royal worthy. If you want to replicate Princess Marie’s royal top knot, check out our tutorial for a similar bun hairstyle here.

8. Charlene, Princess of Monaco

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Princess Charlene decided to go a little less traditional and opted for a hair accessory that wasn’t a straight up tiara. Who doesn’t love a pretty little rebel? This hairstyle has a totally different focal point than most of these royal wedding hairstyles, and that’s why we have a crush on it! The best part? This style can be achieved if you have short hair or long hair. Check out our tutorial for a similar wedding hairstyle here.

9. Masako, Crown Princess of Japan

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

When we think of the phrase “Princess Hairstyle,” Princess Masako’s wedding hairstyle definitely comes to the front of my mind. If this isn’t royal, then we don’t know what is! This look is fabulous because of the use of thick braids and twists down the side. We’ve never seen anything like it in North American wedding hairstyles so we just had to give Princess Masako props for this beautiful ‘do. 

10. Grace Kelly

Royal Wedding Hairstyles

Last, and most certainly not least, Grace Kelly. A woman who really needs no introduction. Her beauty and grace are known to all. We love how her hairstyle is mainly centered around her statement veil. Her veil was so gorgeous and such a focal point, she went with a style that paired beautifully with it. If you want to create a style similar to Grace Kelly’s wedding day locks, check out this pull through updo that will look stunning with your centrepiece veil.

All this wedding talk really has us in the mood to look through wedding magazines and dream of what our royal wedding would look like…now we just have to find our perfect Prince Charming! 

Written By: Daryn Mae Stumbaugh

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