Big Voluminous Curls Hair Tutorial

Hi my beautiful friends. How are you doing? It’s Mimi here today and you may be thinking, “Okay, why is she in a different setting again?” Well, I’m actually visiting my family in Baku, Azerbaijan and Baku is where I was born and where I grew up and lived until I was 15, 16, 15 and a half. Anyway, so I’m back visiting my family and I’m actually right now in this room, you can’t really probably see much of the room, but in this room and in this house is where I spend the first six years of my life. Because my parents used to live with my grandparents, and this is the house where I actually grew up. So it’s very, very special place for me. So today I’m going to be going out and I’m doing my hair and I wanted to show you this new way I started to curl my hair.

It’s a very easy technique and I’ll just be doing something a little bit different, which makes the hair look more effortless and more natural. So all you’re going to be needing for this tutorial is a few simple tools like a hair curler. I’m going to be using some hair clips. So make sure you have at least 20 of these. We’re going to be using some hair wax and we’re going to be using some hairspray. And I didn’t unfortunately bring my natural hairspray so I borrowed this chemical one from my friend. But yeah, let’s begin.

The first thing I’m going to do is just split the hair into sections, which I already have and I’m going to give the hair a good brush. Just reaching for my brush. And today I’m wearing my Luxy Hair extensions to add thickness and length. And I just honestly, I washed them last night and I clipped them in. I didn’t bother blending them in or anything because when I curl them it doesn’t really make a difference. Because the curling process is going to make the hair look natural in my hair anyways.

So what I’m going to do first right now is just take a small section. I’m going to try to work with smaller sections. Usually I work with bigger sections, but for this particular curls, I try to work with smaller sections. I’m just going to take sort of almost a one inch section, I would say. Clip the rest away. And then I’m going to take my curling iron. Now the first curl I’m going to do is I’m going to curl it out. So if you have your curling barrel, you just put the barrel over the hair and wrap the hair out, so away from the face. So that will be step number one.

Okay, so I’ll explaining it one more time. So you take the barrel, take the hair, put the hair under the barrel and curl it away from the face. So curling it to the left and then just hold it for a few seconds, put some music on, and then just, I’m going to release it in my palm and I’m going to try to hold the curl and not lose the curl. I’m going to grab my hair clip and I’m just going to pin it in place.

You’re going to work with the next section. I’m going to do something slightly different and I’m sorry for my raspy voice. I don’t know if you guys noticed they have a really raspy voice today. Every time I travel and I’m really excited my voice goes down. I don’t why? It’s really strange. If you guys know why can you tell me. Okay, so the next thing I’m going to do now is I’m going to take it next section and instead of doing out, I’m going to go and curl it in. Now why do I do that? If you look at natural, wavy or curly hair, it never goes in the same directions. It’s just not really natural. And most of us when we crawl over here, we just curl it in the same directions because it’s just easier and more simple.

You do one section out, one section in and one section out, because that’s what I’m going to be doing for this hairstyle. Then you’ll see how the here actually looks sort of more messy and more effortless and more natural. What I’m going to do with this curl is curl it in. So I’m going to curl it towards my face. Just going to go over it because I have layers. And it just going to really sit in my palm and I’m going to clip it in place again. And the reason I’m clipping all the curls in place is to create sort of a hot roller effect.

It makes the curl a little tighter and it makes the curls or the waves last a lot longer. So if normally your hair doesn’t hold the curl, this method will actually help it hold the curl for the whole night or for a day or two. For me it actually last a couple of days at least. And I’m just going to keep doing the same thing. I’m going to speed up the whole process, because otherwise it’s going to take a while. But literally all I’m going to be doing is paying attention and doing one out, one curl in, one out, one curl in. It really just takes a little bit of awareness. I know sometimes you miss the section and you do two in the same directions. Don’t worry about it. As long as you try to mix it up, it’s going to look just great.

 All right, so now I’m done curling the left side and it took me about 15 minutes and I’m going to go ahead and do the exact same thing here. So I’m going to start with a small section here and I’m going to curl it out first. So I’m going to go like this for the first section and then moving onto the next section, I’m going to be curling towards my face. So the same sequence. Just make sure you don’t lose track of the sections because I always do and I’m like, “Oh, what just happened?” So if you lose track of the section, just make sure to look at the previous curl and see the shape and you’ll figure it out. Water break. Bit of raspberry. Back to curling.

All right, so I’m done curling all the hair. The whole process took me about 25 minutes. And what I’m going to do now is just wait for a minute for the hair to cool before I take the clips out. So just going to wait for a minute and then take them out. All right, so while I’m still sitting with the clips, before I take the clips out, I’m going to take my hairspray and just spread all over the hair. All right, and now is the time. Drum roll. I’m going to start taking my clips out.

Actually I should probably start with the left side cause I started to do the left side first. Had more time to sit in. And as you can see, it’s a beautiful, beautiful, nice wave. I mean when you take it out at first it’s a bit tight but it becomes more natural. It loosens out and looks more natural and pretty after some time. So as you can see already, every wave is different. It’s going in a different direction. That just adds more interest to the hair and creates more friction between the waves so it creates more volume.

Now I’m going to take my fingers and I’m going to just push the hair back and I’m going to sort of shake the hair. So I’m just going to go … So I’m not going to start at the very roots. I’m going to start somewhere in the back where I started curling the hair and I’m going to start loosening up these waves just like gently loosening it up the wave. So that creates a lot more volume and it makes the waves kind of combined together and look more natural. Do that lightly for a moment.

And for the last step for this tutorial, I’m going to take my hair pomade or hair wax, whatever you have. Some kind of a hair cream and I’m going to take a little bit rub it against my palms. Oh it feels hot. And then I’m going to take my hair and I’m going to start scrunching it. That makes the shape of the curl stay longer and it kind of defies the waves more and messes up the hair for a more natural look.

So that’s it for today. Let me know how you like this hairstyle down below. Make sure to leave me a comment, like this video. Also, when you do recreate this hairstyle, make sure to post it on your Instagram with Luxy Hair hashtag. I’m going to be checking them or also you can post it on Facebook so I can see your recreation as well. I love when you guys recreate the hairstyle, so I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are. Love you guys and I’ll see you soon. 


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