Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair? And Other Myths Debunked!

In this article, we’re taking you right into the world of hair extensions myths, debunking common misconceptions you may have heard. 

If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, are a first-time buyer, or are in the market for new hair extensions and can’t shake the disconcerting stories you’re heard about hair extensions, keep reading or watch this video to help ease your mind.

Hair extensions will leave your hair damaged, broken, and extremely thin.


This is a myth that’s been circulating for ages, and may have some truth when it comes to more permanent types of hair extensions, which use heat, glue, or clamps for installation. Hair extensions, however, are the safest form of extensions for your hair, as they are only worn for a few hours at a time as needed, and removed before taking a shower or going to bed. While hair extensions can be worn daily, they should only be worn when you want to enhance the length and thickness of your hair. If worn, removed, and cared for properly, hair extensions cause absolutely no damage to your hair. 

Hair extensions myths and facts

As mentioned above, there are different hair extension application methods out there, about which you should do thorough research prior to committing. Out of all application methods—micro beads, tape-ins, fusion—clip-in hair extensions are the safest, and fastest way to get longer, thicker hair. Since permanent hair extensions are applied with glue, or physically bonded to small strands of hair, there is some risk of damage to the roots of your hair as well as risk of pulling and discomfort. Because clip-in hair extensions are a temporary form of hair extensions, they allow your hair to ‘breathe’ and give your roots a rest when the extensions aren’t being worn. In fact, many women wear clip-in hair extensions everyday to achieve longer, fuller hair in just a few minutes at home with zero damage to their natural hair.

Having said this, if you are experiencing alopecia, we strongly suggest to consult your healthcare professional for advice on whether wearing clip-in hair extensions is right for you.  

Hair extensions won’t blend in. 

Hair extensions myths and facts


Another common misconception is that the hair extensions won’t blend in—we’ve all seen images on the internet of some questionable blends, and trust us, we were just as perplexed as you. Here’s the thing: if you choose the right set of hair extensions for your hair type, and practice clipping them in and styling them, the extensions will blend in seamlessly with your hair. While there is a learning curve when it comes to clipping and styling hair extensions yourself there are many resources on our YouTube channel to help you achieve the hair of your dreams right at home.

Watch this video for our tried and true method for clipping in hair extensions perfectly every time. Have short hair? Check out our step by step guide for how to blend in hair extensions with short hair below. 

The reason why some hair extensions end up with an unsatisfactory blend, is due to choosing the wrong weight or type of extensions for your hair type. Luxy Hair extensions are available in a Classic style with a fabric stitched based, in three different weights. The 120g sets are designed for those who have thin hair, while the 160g sets are designed for those who have an average amount of hair and are looking to add more length and volume while still maintaining a natural look. Finally, the 220g sets are designed for those who have thick hair, a lot of hair, blunt haircuts or short hair. 

Luxy Hair extensions are also available in Seamless collection, in two weights 140g and 180g; these wefts have a silicone base, that lie totally flat against your head. This set is ideal if you are looking to add volume and length to your hair, however, have finer hair strands and do not need the extra lift at the roots.

It is important to choose your set of hair extensions according to your hair type for an ideal and seamless blend.

Hair extensions myths and facts

The extension tracks will show.


Here’s another hair extensions faux pas, and an embarrassing one, at that! Let’s face it, no one is looking to advertise to the world that they are in fact, wearing hair extensions, and a rogue weft poking through is a surefire way to give your little secret away. The truth is, if your hair extensions are clipped in and blended properly, they will not be visible at all, even as you move your head around throughout the day. In fact, many brides wear their hair extensions throughout the night, with no issues of wefts or tracks showing through.

The trick to ensure your hair extensions stay hidden is to clip them in in your ‘safe’ zone, below your eyebrow line, and have enough hair to cover the wefts. 

If your hair is longer than your shoulders and is thin, to medium, try out our Halo hair extensions for a seamless blend. The thin wire disappears into your hair and is practically invisible once styled. So if you’re worried about tracks showing, the halo hair extensions might be your new BFF!

Hair extensions myths and facts

If you have thin hair, this myth may apply most to you. Click here to learn how to blend hair extensions with thin hair to avoid this. Alternatively, we recommend opting for the Seamless collection if you have thinner hair, as these wefts lie totally flat against your head. 


Extra hair will weigh you down and give you headaches.


We’re not going to lie about this one. Since you are physically clipping additional hair onto your head, it will feel a heavier than normal. For example, if you wear a set of 220g hair extensions in, your head will feel exactly 220 grams heavier. Upon first clipping in and wearing hair extensions, you may feel some discomfort as you get used to your new head of hair, however, after a few wears, you won’t feel a thing. If you do find it difficult to get used to the added weight, start of with an extra weft or two, slowly building up to wearing a full set of hair extensions

Alternatively, you could try the Halo hair extensions, where the thin wire sits at the crown of your head and distributes the weight evenly. The nylon wire lays flat comfortably on your scalp and causes no pain or damage to your natural hair and roots. 


If you have an unusually sensitive scalp and find that even a tight ponytail gives you a headache, you may find that hair extensions are more uncomfortable than usual. If so, the trick to reduce headaches when wearing hair extensions is to wear each weft in about an inch down from your roots, rather than right at the scalp.

Hair extensions myths and facts

Luxy Hair extensions have a silicone grip underneath each single clip, so you can be sure that the wefts won’t slide down further and will stay put securely in your hair. For extra support, you may also tease the hair a little bit below of where you want to clip in the weft to form a sturdy base for the weft. 


Hair extensions tangle and are high maintenance.


One of the best parts about wearing hair extensions is that they do not need professional salon care or maintenance. You can take good care of your set yourself, just as you would with your own natural hair, and ensure the extensions live a long and healthy life. Since hair extensions aren’t attached to your scalp, they don’t get oily, and therefore, don’t need to be washed often. They only need to be washed every 15-20 wears when there is a significant buildup of hairspray or other hair products. You can learn how to wash your hair extensions yourself by reading this post. Watch this helpful video on how to generally take care of your hair extensions to keep them looking luscious for longer, with no need for any trips to the salon.

Of course, all hair extensions—and hair, for that matter are prone to some tangling. The extent to which the hair tangles depends on the quality of the hair extensions and also how well you take care of them. If the extensions are made of remy human hair there should be minimal tangling that occurs naturally. 

Hair extensions myths and facts

If your own hair is prone to tangling, then it may naturally cause the extensions to tangle with it, however, a quick brush periodically throughout the day with a Loop Hair Extensions brush will keep tangles at bay. 


Hair extensions can only be worn for special occasions


Luxy Hair extensions are made for you to look and feel your best everyday—from special occasions to everyday coffee runs. One of the main reasons so many ladies around the world choose to wear their Luxies everyday is because of how easy it is to put on, comfortable enough to have on the whole day and causes no damage when you take it off. If you’re always on-the-go and want to have your hair looking fly every single day, try out our Halo hair extensions that can be put on within minutes. Available in two weights (140g & 180g) to best suit your hair needs!

Another time-saving hack is to pre-style your hair extensions and keep them ready for the next day, so you can put them in and go about your day! 


Hair extensions myths and facts

Hair extensions will look fake on me


Our extensions are made with remy human hair which is considered to be the finest quality of human hair. This is because the cuticle aka the outermost layer of the hair is kept intact and not stripped off. This, coupled our wide range of colour and weight offerings will help you get a set of hair extensions that match your natural perfectly. It might take some practice to get your perfect blend in, but we assure you once you find a color that matches and a set that blends in, there is no fear of your hair extensions looking fake.  

Hair extensions myths and facts

You can only style your extensions in one way


While we love our signature Luxy waves, there are a plethora of hairstyles waiting to happen once you clip those extensions in! Whether you want to wear your hair up in an Ariana-style ponytail, achieve those beachy waves or braid ’em like a true Disney princess, the options are plenty. One of our favorite (and fastest) ways to style our hair is with the clip-in ponytail extension. All you need to do is to pull your hair up in a ponytail or bun, claw in the extension and slide the comb underneath your hair tie (at the top of your ponytail) and wrap the velcro base around your own ponytail until it’s secure. And voila! You’ve got yourself a bouncy ponytail that’s right on trend.  


Hair extensions myths and facts

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