French Wrap Braid | Summer Hairstyle
Side-by-side view of girl with striped shirt standing by the pool modeling the "CGH Wrap Braid" hairstyle

As you know, the sweat-inducing summer heat gives anyone more reason to pull their hair back, out of the face, and off their neck! However, there are two ways to accomplish this: 1. you could with a messy bun, or 2. glam it up! It’s summer, so why not have fun with your hair? The CGH French Wrap braid is one of my favorite looks to create because it’s so fancy! With its edgy look, the CGH Wrap Braid can be a significant step up from the average everyday braid.

Hair Up. Sunnies On.

You may be looking at this hairdo and thinking, “This looks familiar!” Well, you’re not wrong! The CGH Wrap is the french braid version of the “Wrapped Braid” I have covered in the past. Both braid styles do share similar steps, so mastering one braid can cut down styling time on the other. Therefore, If you already know how to create the original wrapped braid then you’re already one step ahead!

Just like many other braid styles, the CGH French Braid is for short hair as well. I just love how it looks on Brooklyn’s long hair since there is so much more volume in the braid! @Brownhairedbliss and @Another_Braid from Instagram inspired this look. 

Items Needed: Texturizing powder, Brush, rat-tail comb, hair elastics, and hairspray

Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

French Wrap Braid

back view of girl with striped shirt standing outside modeling the "CGH Wrap Braid" hairstyle

Style your hair while staying cool during the summer heat. This French Wrap Braid will do the trick!

  • Pick up a section from the front of the head and separate it into 3 sections…

  • Create one stitch like a normal French braid…

  • Subdivide off a smaller section from the left section of hair, wrap it over the braid, all the way around (joining it back with its original left section)…

  • Cross the left section over just like you would for a normal french braid…

  • Repeat on the right side…

  • Stop about halfway down the head and tug out some of the loops that you have created – this starts to give the braid a fluffier look…

  • Continue braiding down the hair, fluffing out the loops as you go down (you should see zig-zags all the way through the hair)…

  • As you reach the neck, continue with a normal 3 strand braid, but with the following steps…

  • Continue subdividing small pieces from each section and wrapping them around the braid, joining them back with their original section before completing the next stitch.

  • Secure with a hair elastic, adjust the pancaked elbows of the braid to your liking and add hairspray to help hold flyaways (if desired).

Side profile view of girl with striped shirt standing outside modeling the "CGH Wrap Braid" hairstyle
I used Brooklyn’s long hair to create this look to show volume, but you definitely can style it on short hair.

After trying this out for yourself, you’ll quickly learn that the CGH Wrap Braid takes a traditional French Braid to the next level by adding an edgy glam factor. The fluffy edges paired with the intricate zig-zag pattern makes this hairstyle look more like a work of art than a summer hair solution! You’ll have people wondering how created this fun braid look.

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