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Mom with green shirt applying glitter glue to daughter's hair roots.

My family is definitely ready for fall. Bring on the football games, the fair, and everything pumpkin spice. With Halloween just around the corner, I love anything that adds a little pop or pizzazz to the hair. I decided to test Glitter Roots on a cute half-up hairstyle that would showcase the partline.

So, today I’m going to show you a Fab or Fail and hairstyle all in one.

Glitter, anyone?

You can buy Glitter Roots online. It comes with the product, an application brush and a travel kit for touch ups. Glitter Roots comes in 3 colors: Mermaid Sparkle, Unicorn Queen, and Rainbow Party. We decided to use Rainbow Party for this tutorial.

Items Needed: Rat tail comb, spray bottle, small hair elastics, bobby pins, Glitter Roots

Time Requirement: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Medium

Double Dutchbacks into a Messy Bun 

Glitter Roots

Girl standing by the pool with glitter in her hair modeling Double Dutchbacks into a Messy Bun hairstyle.
  • Start by parting the hair down the center.

  • At the top of the head, section the hair into 2 even sections.

  • Dutch braid the first section. Once you get to the end, continue braiding the hair into a normal 3 strand braid.  TIP: To add more volume backcomb the hair.

  • Gently pull apart and pancake the braid to make it look full.

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other section.

  • With the remaining hair, make a messy bun with a small elastic. Use bobby pins to secure.

  • Brush the glitter onto the roots. TIP: Begin with a small amount of the product and build.

The Result

Girl standing by the pool with glitter in her hair modeling Double Dutchbacks into a Messy Bun hairstyle
  • Glitter Roots gave a very vibrant look that showed up great on the hair and had awesome moon pieces.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely give Glitter Roots a FAB! Fab because the product is super easy to use and the results were AMAZING!  I really think this a great product for any age that you can wear to any even from spirit days to dance competitions. I do wish the application brush was just a little bit longer. However, the product was still great. Plus the product washes out pretty easily. I tried this on Rylan the night before, and the product washed right out. I love that the price is affordable and each color comes with a travel size kit that you can throw in your backpack or purse for touch-ups on the go!

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