Gossip Girl Hairstyles: Hairstyles To Try

It seems like just yesterday we were tuning in every week to see what juicy tea Gossip Girl was going to spill next.

The popular TV show ran from 2007 to 2012, originally based on a series of books by Cecily von Ziegesar. But most of you probably knew this already. Gossip Girl gave us some steamy on-screen romances, betrayal, friendships, endless drama, and of course killer fashion and style that inspired a generation of wannabe Blair Waldorfs and Serena van der Woodsens. Were you Team Blair? Team Serena? Or maybe, Jenny? The show definitely brought a variety of hairstyles and fashion, though mostly preppy and of course, high end – what else would you expect from a group of teens living on the Upper East Side of New York?

Whether this show inspired you to add headbands, scarves, or other hair accessories to your wardrobe, it goes without saying Gossip Girl hairstyles were certainly influential.

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The show is getting a reboot with a whole new cast and we are certain it will be filled with seasons of Insta-worthy looks. But until the new version airs, let’s look back at some of the most iconic Gossip Girl hairstyles.

1. Headband Central

With a show centered around a group of upper-class teenagers living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, preppy style is to be expected. Hair accessories – the headband in particular – was a staple for the show, especially for Blair (Leighton Meester). Ribbons, embellishments, headband scarves – we saw that girl sport them all. Even berets and a variety of other hats, Blair was really the queen of hair accessories.

Easily recreate this look with our After Dark Ruched Satin Headband. This black satin headband with ruched detailing, has a silky smooth finish that’s safe and comfortable for your hair, as much as it is stylish.


2. Classy bun, the Chignon 

For a bunch of teenagers, they sure got to dress up – a lot. Gossip Girl had plenty of formal occasions, like this one where Blair sports a classy  Chignon. The low swept bun is perfect for any formal or special occasion, simply tie or pin your ponytail for a loose look. For something more sleek use a hair tie to secure your ponytail then wrap your around it and pin. Super simple, yet timeless.

3. Long and blonde 

Blake Lively is one of our favorite blondes, maybe second only to her Gossip Girl character, Serena van der Woodsen. Serena’s signature long, blonde waves don’t change much throughout the seasons, though the hues of her blonde will darken or lighten throughout the show. With more than 10 shades of blonde, create your own Serena look with Luxy clip in hair extensions. With so many shades to choose from you can play with your natural hair color to lighten, darken or simply lengthen your hair with Luxy clip-in hair extensions.

4. A vintage wave

There’s something about a vintage wave that screams Gatsby style and a Gatsby-style party. That’s why this look by Blair ranks highly on our list. It’s the perfect party hairstyle that’s lasted through the ages. It’s also an easy style to try with velcro hair rollers or a round brush and blow dryer. To give your waves a bit more volume, just add clip in har extensions for natural looking length and thickness. Have weddings or formal events coming up this season? We highly recommend this Gossip Girl hairstyle. 

5. Preppy Ponytail 

Low ponytail or high, Serena is often seen with her blonde locks pulled back. It’s a simple hairstyle that any hair type can wear. While Gossip Girl obviously didn’t invent the style, they did add some prep to the look. If you’re looking to jazz up your ponytail looks, we have you covered with a ton of different ways to wear a ponytail. 

Hair extensions don’t only add length to any ponytail but allow you to play with different styles and your hairstyle creativity. Need a little inspiration? ponytail extensions is one of our specialties and we’ve gathered all the tips you’ll need to find the look for you.


6. Bangs and fringe

Jenny, played by Taylor Momsen, also wore blonde beautifully, but in a very different style than Serena. Jenny gave us sharp bangs, flowing bangs and lots of layered fringe! We love this rebel look that’s great for a textured layered style whether you have short or long hair. If you’ve always wanted to try bangs, let Jenny be your inspiration, this is your sign.

7. Blonde and brunette besties

Besties and frenemies, when they weren’t fighting, they were the best of girlfriends, and doesn’t that just explain brunettes and blondes. While hair color is not exactly a specific type, Blair and Serena’s hair looks were distinct and unique to each character’s style personality. Want to switch up your usual brunette or blonde look? Try a balayage or reverse balayage to add dimension to your color. If chemical treatments aren’t your thing, use clip in hair extensions to experiment with color without the commitment.

8. Blowouts

We all wished we could show up to school with the perfect, wavy blowout like Blair did on the daily. Reality is we know this effortless-looking style can be quite the opposite, especially when dealing with all the drama high school also brings. A good blowout is perfect for your everyday look or a night out.

9. Big Buns

Remember those donut looking rings you could wrap your hair around to create larger looking buns? We can’t verify if one of those were used here but it sure looks like it. We love a bun with some weight.

10. Side part style

While today’s millennials (who grew up with Gossip Girl) and Gen Z-ers duke it out over center parts and side parts (we love both, by the way), Vanessa (played by Jessica Szohr) shows us a classic way to style the side part. A flower never hurts either.

11. Middle part with a twist

Whenever Georgina appeared you knew there would be some kind of twist. Kind of like this middle part twist style. Georgina, played by Michelle Trachtenberg wore this hairstyle a few times throughout the show, and you can get the look at home. Whether you prefer the middle part or the side part, section off a few strands on either side of the part and twist (or braid) them towards the back of your head. Secure with pins or a clip.

12. Retro pony

We love a vintage look and it’s especially one that Blair pulls off on the daily (how does a teenager do it?). This ponytail had a mini beehive effect, pulled together of course, with Blair’s signature hair accessory. Another easy Gossip Girl hairstyle you can do yourself.

13. Grecian Goddess

Serena’s whole look in this episode was definitely Grecian Goddess inspired. We love a good updo. For one as detailed as this, hair extensions can help you create this full look with braids and loose strands. Definitely a look for a special occasion this spring or summer.

As the original Gossip Girl hairstyles gave us inspiration we are still looking to today, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the reboot. So, who was your favorite character? Whether it was Blair, Serena, or Chuck for that matter, what part of their style influenced you most? Let us know your favorite look!

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