Hair Hack! Make A Pull Through Braid Using Half The Elastics | Hairstyles For Girls
Pull through braid hack! Use half the elastics. Video tutorial.

Hey guys! We love the look of the pull through braid… but hate taking out all of those elastics at the end of the day.  Today’s tutorial or “hair hack” shows how to make a pull through braid ponytail hairstyle using only 1/2 of the elastics you would normally need!  This will hopefully save you some time, frustration, and damage to your hair the next time you want to wear a pull-through braid.

Hair hack! Pull through braid using half the elastics. Video instructions.

How to make a pull through braid using half the elastics.

How to make a pull through braid with 1/2 the elastics tutorial. Hairstyle hack!

The trick to this hair cheat is adding elastics to only one strand of the braid instead of both strands (like you normally would.) As mentioned in our video (above) you will need to be careful to keep your strands separated and on the same side of the braid from the top to the bottom, or this will end up looking more like a regular 3 strand braid, and less like a pull through.  We recommend stretching the sides of this braid for a more voluminous and glamorous look. 

Hope you love this hack!

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