How To Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

“But I have curly hair so the extensions probably won’t blend, right?”

One of the most common questions we receive from customers or those considering purchasing clip-in hair extensions, is if it will blend with their natural, textured-curly hair. The answer has always been yes! And today we’ve teamed up with the beautiful India Batson to show you how.

How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

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In this week’s tutorial, India will show you two different curl techniques to cater to both 2C/2B and 3C/4A curls. Watch the tutorial below to check out these super easy tips and tricks, or keep scrolling down for a step-by-step rundown on each method. 

1. Dampen your clip-in Luxy Hair extensions with water, or a mixture similar to what India uses which has castor oil, rosemary oil, and water combined. You can also use a sea salt mixture if you have really textured or course hair – this will help roughen up the extensions a bit.

2. Braid the hair in a simple three strand braid. If you have 2A/2B waves, make bigger braids. If you have 3C/4A/4B curls, make really tight, small braids. As most curly-haired girls have multiple curl patterns through their hair, India recommends to use different sized braids on your extensions as this will help make the final result look more natural.

How to Blend in Extensions with Curly Hair

3. Let your Luxies dry overnight, as this will help make the curls dry and settle more naturally. If you are on a tight deadline and need to expedite the process, however, you can always use a hair dryer on the braids.

4. Once the wefts are completely dry, untie the braids and start removing the braids by using a rat tail comb. Or, you can simply use your fingers – whichever is most easiest for you. 

How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

This technique creates gorgeous mermaid waves!

How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

1. Apply a heat protectant to your hair extensions to ensure they do not get damaged from the heat.

2. Using a half inch curling wand, wrap small section of hair around the barrel and let it sit for around 20-30 seconds before releasing the curl. In order to ensure that the curls maintain their shape for a long period of time, cup the curl in the palm of your hand and let it cool down.

3. Once you’re finished curling a weft, rake your fingers through the curls to loosen them up to your liking. Be sure to separate them as much as you want to ensure that they match the texture of your hair perfectly. 

How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

This technique works best for India’s hair. Below is the final look of how the curled extensions look in her hair.

How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

Both methods are perfect for those who want to fully embrace their natural curls, and for those who are perhaps transitioning from straightening their hair, to letting their natural curls come through again. And if you are loving the curly ponytail look, simply try our curly ponytail hair extensions! These work well if you are naturally born with curls or if your hair is straight and you want to try something new with your look. 


How to Blend Extensions with Curly Hair

Do you have any other tips or tricks on how you blend in your Luxies with curly hair? Looking for more hair advice and styling tips? Subscribe to our newsletter to step up your hair game. 

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