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Double linked heart ponytail hairstyle for Valentine's Day.

We wanted to share one more cute, last minute, heart hairstyle today before Valentine’s Day is over! Have you decided how you are going to wear your hair for Valentine’s this year?

In this tutorial, we are using a technique we saw on “Cute Girls Hairstyles” a few years ago to make these hearts. We love this double linked heart ponytail because it is adorable and fairly quick and easy to create.

Double Linked Heart Ponytail Video Tutorial:  (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

In our video we show 2 ways this heart ponytail can be worn. If you have long hair, you could actually add another set of hearts beneath the braids for a 3rd variation.

Cute heart hairstyle for Valentine's Day!

Cute and easy heart hair for Valentine's Day.

To complete this heart ponytail, you will need a medium size hair tie and several small hair elastics. That’s it!

We have been “hair blogging” for 11 years now! And during each January/February of those 11 years, we have posted several heart shaped or heart themed hairstyles…. which adds up to a lot of hearts. I actually counted over 40 heart hairstyles on our site so far! So, if you are looking for more heart hair ideas, click on our Valentine’s hairstyles to see more. (Some of them are from before we started doing YouTube and are picture tutorials only.)

Obviously this hairstyle would be cute for Valentine’s Day, but could also be worn for other occasions. I’m thinking this would be adorable for a flower girl at a wedding or just a regular school day.

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