How to make your hair grow super fast

Gentlemen locks of luscious flowing amazingness is in your future because today I’m going over six crazy ways to get your hair to grow faster to go in for a haircut just a trim and on Edward Scissorhands text too much off all the time energy patience, you’ve gone through growing out and passing that awkward stage down the tubes and it’s gone or maybe like me even thinking about growing out a little bit but you don’t want to wait for longer locks in today’s world. Nobody’s got time for time. And so today I’m going over six crazy ways to get your hair to grow faster thicker more lunches and luxurious immediately.

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Number one eat more fish Omega 3 my friends that is hair growing gold. The fatty acids go in and nourish help your hair grow thicker stronger also reduces inflammation, which leads the hair loss. Lots of food is out there contain omega-3 like fish salmon. Tuna.

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Mega 3 Fish Oil Use

White fish mackerel smackerel smackerel smackerel mackerel walnuts. I can’t even speak. I’m so excited talking about a mega threes are tons of options gentlemen, if you’re not wild about incorporating them or you just don’t get enough you can always take an over-the-counter supplement crazy hair grow in 10 number to self scalp massage. Oh my goodness. It feels so incredible 3 to 4 minutes a day gentlemen, get your fingers in their give the business you’re increasing blood flow by increasing circulation increase blood flow.

This actually leads to the transport of nutrients your hair which is going to lead the faster growth crazy hair growing tip Number 3 make your hair take his vitamins. So there are some vitamins out there specifically designed to assist and facilitate hair growth. Usually they’re going to be high and things like biotin zinc I would say before you invest in a vitamin that is specifically designed for your hair. You need to start with a multivitamin. I take one cold sore.

Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

Why file linked to Amazon down in the scripture? I’ve been taking this one for years ever since I have the nutrition store. It’s by a company called nature plus and this is not a promotion. It’s just a great product that I use and love number for wash your hair every third day. Don’t wash it every single day.

I personally wash my hair every single day because I have dandruff and I am not worried about the speed at which my hair is growing. But if you are wanting it to grow faster washing it everyday is actually making it grow slower because you’re removing every single day the essential oils that build up that are healthy and help your hair grow eyelashes longer and lovely faster your hair everyday twice a day.

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It just means that you shouldn’t be stripping out all the oils by shampooing every single day one downside to not shampooing everyday is that your hair can look a little bit greasy. One thing that you can do is invest in a dry shampoo. Basically, it’s a powder you can also use baby powder and less you got super dark hair that you probably don’t want

Use Shampoo

But their powders that are made and designed their dry shampoos. It’s going to give your hair a little less greasy of a look. It’s also going to give it a little bit more body and not have it be so heavy weighted and kind of slimy number five an apple cider vinegar rinse apple cider vinegar is Nature’s like amazing Elixir it fixes a lot of things and I take a little bit of it in the morning with some more because it’s supposedly helps you with a lot of stuff. It also helps your hair grow.


What you should do is get a spray bottle in the shower mix three parts apple cider vinegar to one part water after you’re done showering and shampoo and I’ll shower but shampooing your hair down with the apple cider vinegar solution and let it chill for about a minute rinse it out go about your business. It actually has been proven to help hair growth. Do you want to watch a video? I did talk in about all the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar that is also listed in length in the description and last but certainly not least crazy hair grow tent number 6 use a leave-in.

Use Conditioner

Conditioner leave-in conditioners are going to help nourish your hair when your hair is nervous when it has the oils that it needs. It can actually grow fast ping. Pedro cream is a great example painting Pedro is my company. Check it donkey Pedro. What’s up? Anyway, we designed beans major cream to be like the most incredible leave-in conditioner with a degree of styling a Thomas. Burdock extract.

It’s also got coconut oil you put this in its going to tame flyaways frizz, but it’s also going to give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow lashes longer lovely and amazing and if you’re not leaving conditioner guy and want to try something with a little more hold and robustness give the putty of try. This is the product that I use on my hair when it’s super short. It’s also perfect as I’ve let my hair grow out a bit of it just gives it a little bit of weight and if I hit it with a hairdryer it softens it up and it is just an incredible product guys. If you want to check out anything that Pete and Pedro offers 8

Best Hair Products

AAA me there’s like down below to Peter., along with a discount codes to save 20% cited talking about hair product gentleman. Here is the deal. Most of us don’t have long flowing luscious locks of amazingness. A lot of us don’t want that but we may want to grow your hair out a bit more a little bit longer, but we don’t want to go through the hassle of That Awkward hair phase. If you implement these six steps your hair face is going to be less awkward and more amazing and luscious.

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