How To Plan A Boho Wedding (Ideas, Photos & More)

With bridal season just around the corner, we at Luxy Hair are here to fulfill all your wedding inspo needs and bring you the ultimate guide for every type of bride, from bohemian to elegant to glam.

We’ll begin our three part series with a bohemian bridal guide for the free-spirited, whimsical woman with an eye for intricate lace and a soft spot for a braided flower crown. She is the thrill chaser, the carefree wanderer and the epitome of a natural and effortless beauty. The aura of her wedding most definitely matches her personality and is filled with rustic handcrafted DIY’s, barefoot dancing and bouquets of wildflowers.

Follow along for all our tips and tricks for an enchanting event including everything from venues and wedding cakes to makeup inspo and of course, our top picks for bohemian, Luxy-inspired hairstyles.

Venue Inspiration

The bohemian bride is all about natural settings and rustic detailing when it comes to the venue. She embraces enchanting tree tops, sparkling string lights and crisp fresh air. The evening should have a free-spirited, romantic energy so woodland forests, rustic barns and country vineyards are the perfect environment for the laid-back boho bride to exchange vows. Check out some of our favourite bohemian wedding settings for inspiration:

Bohemian Bride Source:

Bohemien BrideSource: Nikki Vandermolen /

Wedding Dress Inspiration

As for wedding dress inspo, the bohemian bride is a lover of simplicity and all things lace. She will likely skip on anything with too much sparkle and bling and instead opt for a clean cut dress with unique and eccentric embellishment. Anything with intricate lace, a whimsical flowing skirt and romantic detailing is the perfect choice for the boho bride. Check out a few of our favourite bohemian style wedding dresses below:

Bohemian Bride Guide

Bohemian Bride Guide

Bohemian Bride Guide

Hair Accessories

Luscious, flowing tresses are the key to completing the bohemian bridal look. We love the look of a stunning voluminous braid style, but even more so when wild flowers, greenery and baby’s breath are used as hair accessories. One of our personal favourite styles is to create the look of a “flower crown” around the top of the head or the nape of the neck.

Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyle Inspo

1. Braided Half Updo

Bohemian Bride Guide

The braided half updo is the perfect choice of hairstyle for the bohemian bride who wants to leave her hair down yet still look a little more formal. To achieve the look, clip in Luxy hair extension wefts to ensure the hair is extra voluminous and full. Once the extensions are clipped in, begin braiding from the front at the part of the hair towards the nape of the neck and fasten with bobby pins. You can repeat this step on the other side to create a “crown” look or leave it effortless and elegant with a braid down one side of the head. Be sure to lace the braid with greenery and wildflowers for maximum boho vibes!

2. Romantic Loose Bun With Braids

Bohemian Bride Hair

For the boho bride looking for an updo style, we love this romantic, braided loose bun. The bohemian bride loves when hair looks effortlessly put together, so the key to this look is faking the messy appearance by allowing wisps to hang loose from the bun and frame the face. To achieve the look, follow our tutorial for the braided wreath hairstyle. Be sure to accessorize with soft flowers and rustic leaves to add an aura of bohemian bridal blissfulness! 

3. Cascading Twisted Braid

Wedding Hairstyles

An intricate hairstyle like this loose, romantic braid is perfect for the bohemian bride who is all about the details. This look may appear difficult to achieve, but it’s actually quite simple. The key to achieving this full, voluminous braid look is to use Luxy hair extensions to add thickness and body to the braid. Follow our bow braid tutorial for a step-by-step guide to achieve the look and be sure to lace delicate baby’s breath throughout the braid to add softness and romance.

Makeup Inspo

The bohemian bride is all about effortless beauty, so when it comes to makeup try to keep it light, soft and natural. Use shades of bronze and gold along the lids and smudged under the eye and add a pop of peach on the cheeks and lips. Glowing skin is a must when it comes to bridal makeup so add a swipe of champagne highlight along the inner corners of the eye, on the top of the cheekbones and on the cupid’s bow.

Bohemian Bride Makeup

Bridesmaid Inspo

When it comes to bridesmaids, floor-sweeping maxis are a go-to for a bohemian wedding. In terms of colour, we love the idea of “earth tones.” Peaches, burnt oranges, pale pinks and rich maroons are a few of our fave picks, but a combination of a few colours is a totally viable option for the eccentric boho bride. Check out our inspo photos below. 

Bohemian BridesmaidsSource:

Bohemian Bridesmaids


Cake Inspo

For bohemian-inspired cakes, we love a minimalist, effortless look. A rustic buttercream cake with a light layer of sheer frosting and details of florals, berries and greenery is absolute perfection. A tree stump as a cake tray is also an out-of-the-box bohemian-inspired extra touch.

Bohemian WeddingSource: Yaroslav & Jenny Photography

Bohemian Wedding

Source: Abby Weeden 

We hope you found some inspiration from our bohemian bridal guide. Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you re-create any of our Luxy-inspired hairstyles for the big day. We love to see your beautiful hair looks!

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