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Hair wrapped ponytail using no bobby pins or extra elastics!

 Hair Wrapped Ponytail – Fool Proof Method

 A useful hair hack!  Today’s hair tutorial shows how to hide your hair tie by wrapping hair around it, the easy way.  This classic hair trick uses no bobby pins, extra elastics, or special hair tools (such as a topsy tail, clips, bungees, etc.)  We call this the “fool proof” or no fail method because it works for us every time and is super easy and quick.

How To Hide A Hair Tie By Wrapping Hair Around It – Video Tutorial 

(Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Tips and tricks for getting the perfect hair wrapped ponytail:

The strand of hair you are using to wrap around the top needs to be not
too thick and not too thin.  If you are having trouble, you might need
to add some hair to your strand, or take some out.

When initially making the ponytail, make sure your hair tie is tight
enough to hold the ponytail in place, but not too tight so that you
can’t get your fingers through or pull the hair through it.

Use our video as a guide showing the points of reference and the
direction the hair should be going.  IE grabbing the strand from
underneath the ponytail, wrapping the hair completely one time, pulling
the hair back over in the opposite direction, etc.  These steps are very
simple, but if you don’t follow them exactly, it may not work.

4.  If you want the wrapped hair to stay sleek and clean looking, use hair product before you start to help control flyaways.

How to hide a hair tie with your own hair. Super easy video tutorial.

How to wrap hair around a ponytail, fool proof easy method.

This simple ponytail look can be used for almost any occasion, from the most casual (school days, the beach, working out, shopping, etc) to the most formal or fancy. We’ve even seen girls wear a sleek hair wrapped ponytail to the Prom or for their wedding!  This is probably the most timeless, popular, universal, and loved hairstyle of all time.

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