It’s not just K-pop anymore

Like many recent trends, the two block haircut started with Korean pop music stars and has since gained popularity all over the world. The name refers to the two distinct sections of the cut – longer hair around the sides and top with shorter hair at the back.

There are plenty of ways to wear longer hair on top. Parted curtains or a mushroom-inspired style are hot right now. So is shorter cuts with some blunt fringe.

The shorter block can be a fade, taper fade, or just shorter hair. Sometimes hair is cut short at the nape of the neck while some cuts go further down the neck. You can also pick between a square, rounded, or faded finish.

Why get this cut? It is a cool way to get the look of medium-length hair with easier styling. This versatile cut can be shorter or longer and works for straight, wavy, and curly hair. The 2 block looks so good with texture that many guys get a perm along with the cut.

Check out these 15 different ways to get the look. Not surprisingly, most of these examples are Asian men but this cut does work for all guys.

1. Two Block Haircut

Here the two distinct layers of the two block are clearly visible. This is a medium-length version of the look but hair on top can also be cut shorter or left longer.

2. Square Neckline

The shorter, lower block can be cut short, like above, or faded. The neckline is another choice. This blocky neckline keeps the most hair possible but a rounded neckline is an option too.

3. Two Block Haircut For Straight Hair

The 2 block works for all hair types, including straight. This cool look takes cues from the nineties trends that have made a comeback with a defined curve and lighter hair over dark.

4. Two Block + Curtains

It’s no coincidence that the two block is popular at the same time as hair curtains. This fresh look combines the two and adds some chunky texture.

5. Undercut Hairstyle

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