Kids Mohawk Haircuts: For Boys + Girls

The mohawk is one of those looks that never goes out of style It works for everyone – men and women, boys and girls. The kids mohawk haircut is especially cool, demonstrating a precocious sense of style.

The mohawk can be cut at any age. It even works for toddlers, as soon as they have enough hair. By preschool and beyond, it may be the haircut of choice.

The mohawk may not go out of style but it does get updated according to changing trends. Right now, spikes are matte and textured instead of shiny and hard. Mohawk fades are always popular and can add different hair designs or necklines. Right now the mullet hawk, that classic mohawk with some extra flow at the back, has made a comeback and might look adorable on your kid.

The mohawk can be short or long, narrow or wide, straight or curly, worn up or down, and works for boys or girls. Check out these classic and trendy ways to wear the kids mohawk haircut.

1. Kids Mohawk Haircut

The mohawk is a unisex haircut. It may be favored by boys but it works for girls, like this cool kid.

2. Mohawk Haircut For Boys

As mentioned above, this mohawk is updated with a blurry burst fade and finely textured spikes. Change up the look and feel of a mohawk with different spiky styles.

3. Mohawk Haircut For Black Boys

The mohawk is also a popular haircut for Black boys (and girls). This cool look keeps hair short and the sides shorter plus some accents from a hair design.

4. Short Mohawk Haircut

A kid’s mohawk can also be short. The hairstyle is more subtle when spiked up and left unstyled. It’s pretty cute with bedhead too.

5. Mohawk Fade For Kids

Modern mohawks trade bare skin for a blurry fade. This precise haircut creates a crescent moon shape with longer hair over a blurry burst fade.

The hairstyle is cool too. The back is neat, the top is messy, and the front sweeps over into fringe for a partially up, partially down mohawk.

6. Wide Mohawk For Black Kids

Now that is a great longer top, short sides haircut.

7. Mohawk Hairstyles aka The Faux Hawk

This is not officially a mohawk because hair is cut short at the back but this cut is easily spiked up into a hawk. The hard part adds some of that punk attitude.

8. Faux Hawk – Mohawk Hairstyle

Here’s an even spikier version of the fohawk plus a hint of forward fringe. This haircut has lots of styling options, including the mohawk. Bleached blonde hair adds to the look.

9. How To Style A Mohawk Haircut

There is more than one way to style a mohawk. This cool look combines long hair worn to the side with short hair at the back spiked up. Play with different combinations of hair spiked up and worn down to create new looks.

10. More Mohawk Hairstyles

This kid’s mohawk looks as good worn loose as it does spiked up. With long hair, this is is going to be a mohawk hiarcut without the mohawk hairstyle most of the time.

11. Mohawks For Curly Hair

Curly hair makes a great mohawk because it stands up on its own. A wider cut at the front only reads as a mohawk from the sides and back. Or cut a narrow strip for a punk look.

12. Mohawk For Toddlers

These cool parents got this little boy a curly mohawk as soon as possible. It’s a great short haircut for young kids with some curls but also allows for plenty of time in between haircuts.

13. Mohawk Haircut For Young Black Boys

Here’s the benefit of starting that mohawk cut young. Hair can keep growing and getting more volume while the sides stay short. This fresh look gets even better with a braid and hair design.

14. Mohawk For Little Boys

For kids with plenty of thick hair, the mohawk is a fun cut that also looks cool. If it is also worn by his favorite athlete, even better.

This version is cut short except for some fringe. The two stripes and V-shape at the neckline set this look apart.

15. Toddler Mohawk Haircut

The mohawk is also a haircut for kids of all ages, even this 3-year old. For some kids, it takes until the toddler years to grow enough hair to get the do. And that little rat tail at the back is totally on-trend right now.

16. Punk Mohawk

It doesn’t get more punk rock than this mohawk with a shaved head. The spikes look tough too, with a gel that dries hard and won’t move.

Maybe start them off with some Ramones instead of the Sex Pistols though.

17. Colorful Mohawks

There is something about the mohawk haircut and bold color that go together. We’re not talking about subtle highlights.

Any color other than natural works. Red and green are favorites or if you can go multi-color, even better.

Is giving a kid a mohawk haircut too much? As we always say, hair is about having fun. When kids are little, that may be more for the parents. Preferences for hair and clothes can start young though. Let them experiment with untraditional looks.

Most people can’t go to work with a rainbow mohawk so make the most of it during that beautiful period of unemployment called childhood.

The great thing about hair is it grows back so if this look doesn’t work out, start fresh with a buzz cut.

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