Men’s summer haircut 2021

Men's summer haircut 2021

Do you want to change your look for the next season? We leave you the main trends in haircut for men summer 2021.

In haircuts and hairstyles you can find very varied styles and for all types of hair, whether more or less short, and even wavy or curly.

The best cuts for fashionable men of the season combine an elegant look but at the same time designed to be cool on hot days.

There are many ways to cut and style summer hair. From shaved classics, tupes or bangs.

Do you want to know what cut styles will be in fashion? To find out, we decided to talk to some barbers to see the fashion cuts for men in spring / summer. Look at the main trends!

Shaved with toupee

Hair is fun again. Shaved hair with a toupee takes us back to the 90s. The idea is that the sides are shaved without gradient and that the toupee is long enough to form waves. One way to modernize this cut is to let the length at the top wavy and curl just like nature would like.

Long bangs

Long bangs came back with everything and in many shapes and styles. It can be straight, curly or tousled.

Just awaken

Short men’s haircuts are trends in recent seasons, but this spring summer 2021 medium-length hair was back in fashion.

Long hair with the recently raised style. Do you want this look? Wash your hair and let it air dry.

Curly and short on the sides

Do you have curly hair? leave it a little longer at the top and define your curls. Great natural styles, like loose curls or a big afro with sharp edges, are all the rage.

Shaved ending in bangs

You want to have a shaved head or short hair. You can cut the sides very short and leave a little longer on the top of your head, put a little gel to give it a little shape.

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