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The perfect bun for dance and no heat curls tutorial

This week we are adding another “dance bun” technique to our collection!  The princess’s standard dance team hairstyle this year is a classic donut bun / sock bun. And, I’m sure many of you who dance are required to wear this hairstyle from time to time for competitions and recitals as well. It seems to be the standard “go to” style for many teams as it is very simple and looks polished besides.

Easy dance bun hairstyle tutorial. Great for ballet, figure skating, gymnastics, etc.

We have shown several different methods for making this type of bun in the past and are always up for trying something new.  Each technique we have tried seems to have its pros and cons. A lot of deciding which bun is best for your dancer is going to depend on her hair texture and length.  We both liked this “perfect bun” kit (made by Remington)  and think it is one of the easier methods for wrapping up long hair into a bun. The first time we tried it we were slightly worried that it may unroll itself (since there is really nothing visible holding it together) but luckily we have not had a problem with it coming out mid-dance yet!  I would definitely recommend using bobby pins all the way around the bun (as demonstrated in our tutorial below) to be sure though.

The “Perfect Bun” Video Tutorial and Review, Plus No-Heat Curls Demo: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

One of our favorite perks of wearing this bun is the cute no-heat curls or waves you will be left with when you take the bun down.  As mentioned in our video, the curls will turn out best when the hair is wrapped up slightly damp and the bun is left in long enough for the hair to dry completely before taking it out.

Heatless curls using bun maker

Supplies needed to recreate this bun:

  • A bun form. We purchased our “perfect bun” maker at either Walmart or Target (we have had it for awhile and I don’t remember which!)  If you are having trouble finding one, they are also sold online. Click here to see it on Amazon (affiliate.)
  • A ponytail holder.
  • Several bobby pins.
  • Pomade or gel and finishing hairspray.
  • Water.

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