Top 100 Men’s Hairstyles That Are Cool & Stylish -> November 2021 Update

We review 1000’s of new men’s hairstyles and cool haircuts for guys every week that are being cut and styled by the best barbers in the world.

You will definitely find a brand new look on this updated list.

The top haircut trends at the moment are longer messier hair on top combined with a variety of fades and undercuts for short clean kept sides.

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We are also seeing a lot of men’s hairstyles that involve blow dryer work creating more natural dry slicked back looks held in place with a quality matte pomade.

Be bold and try something completely different. Find a brand new look from this list of the best men’s hairstyles and haircuts and update your style. Look good, get noticed!

Could Be Our Best Men’s Hairstyles List Ever!

Okay, let’s take a look at these great looks we are seeing right now.

100. Undercut Blown Dry + Brushed Back

Undercut men's hairstyles

Haircut by Scissor&Bone

A very cool men’s haircut with lots of volume and flow. Sides are cut short with hair left longer on top. Blow dry your hair up and back after washing. Use a brush to keep things neat. After, apply a medium to strong hold matte finish pomade to keep that volume going all day long.

99. Short Textured Haircut

Short textured haircut for men spiky men's hairstyle

Haircut by Agus Barber

An easy to manage short textured haircut with beard for some extra attitude. Towel dry your hair and work a small amount of hair product evenly into the hair. Push the hair around in different directions and use finger tips to maximize the movement of the textured hair. A cool short haircut for men that is versatile allowing for many different men’s hairstyles.

98. Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle + Hair Design

cool design and long hair undercut men's hairstyles

Haircut by Nay Mokum

One of the coolest undercuts we have ever seen. The undercut is one of those hairstyles for men that is going to stick around for years to come. This one is super cool with long hair on top and a long fringe down to his chin, combined with a big beard and an amazing geometric hair design.

97. Short Haircut + High Fade On The Sides

Classic men's haircut for short hair with high fade on the sides

Haircut by Morris Motley

One of the best short haircuts for men of the year. A nice clean mid to high fade on the sides with short easy to manage hair on top. A professional look for the office but cool and stylish for fun times. This is one of those men’s hairstyles that works for so many guys.

96. Very Short Wavy Hair Haircut + High Fade

Short haircut for men with wavy hair and a bald fade on the sides

Haircut by Reece Beak

A crisp high fade with shape up around the hair line. Wavy hair trimmed down for a nice short men’s hairstyle with movement.

95. Messy / Spiky Crop Haircut For Men

barber_djirlauw_and__Razor faded undercut chopped and sliced top with a diagonal straight fringe popular hairstyle men

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

This is a stylish men’s short hairstyle that features a bald fade on the sides and a messy crop on top.

94. High Fade + Long Hair On Top + Side Part

sebvstivnstyles_and long fringe and top short sides mens hairstyle

Haircut by Sebastian Styles

Here we have a great look that appears to have drawn inspiration from the classic skater haircut from the 1980s. A mid fade on the sides with long hair on top and a long fringe up front.

93. Medium Length Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

javi_thebarber_high fade pompadour new haircut for men

Haircut by Javi The Barber

Pompadours are so cool, one of the best men’s hairstyles you can try. There are infinite possibilities depending on how you style the hair, or how long you grow it on top. This medium length pomp is longer in the front and graduates to a shorter length towards the back. Combined with a super clean shadow fade.

92. High Fade + Medium Length Thick Spiky Hair

barbersofbt45_and separated textures cool hairstyles men

Haircut by Chris Graham

High fade with thick hair on top that has been textured and sculpted into fire like pieces of hair that gives this hairstyle for men movement.

91. Tall Natural Curls + High Fade + Side Hard Part

men's hairstyles dynasty_barbers_and clean bald fade hard part natural flat top mens popular haircuts

Haircut by Hawk The Barber Prodigy

An awesome example of a high top fade with a hard part on the side for some cool detail.

90. Short Sides + Long Hair Combover

men's hairstyles andrewdoeshair_high fade and long hair blown dry with movement hairstyle

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

A cool longer hairstyle featuring a disconnected undercut combover.

89. Skin Fade + Waves

cant_be_faded_and skin fade and cool waves mens hair

Haircut by Jose Montejano

A high bald fade blended to perfection with short hair on top that has been styled into waves.

88. Hard Part Comb Over Haircut + High Fade

alan_beak_and perfect fade hard part natural waves hair styles

Haircut by Alan Beak

This is a very cool haircut style for men. A mid skin fade with a hard part and a medium length of hair sculpted nicely on top. With a firm hold pomade work the hair product into your hair and then use your finger tips to bunch up the hair to create sections that add movement to the hairstyle.

87. Short Spiky Hair + Line Up + Skin Fade

pjabreu_and__pjsbarbershop modern classic high fade short hair haircut styles

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

A classic men’s haircut with a shape up in the front hair line. This haircut is all about cool. You can work so many different cool hairstyles for men with this short spiky haircut. Use a hard water pomade (check out Baxter and California) to guide the spikes in different directions and to add some definition. Spiky men’s hairstyles never seem to go out of style. They just keep evolving over time.

86. Bald Fade + Curly Hair Men’s Hairstyle

level_137_and curly hair high fade

Haircut by LEVEL

Some guys think their curly hair is a problem or difficult to manage. Not when you go to the right barber. Grow out your curly hair a bit longer to give your barber something to work with. This look is simply awesome. The mid bald fade brings out the life of the long curly hair on top that can be styled loose and natural or neatly slicked back for a cool men’s hairstyle.

85. Short Sides + Long On Top + Long Fringe

men's hairstyles andre_fonseca123_and long hair top long fringe short sides haircut

Haircut by Andre Fonseca

This is a super cool hairstyle. Big hair on top, long fringe in front, and sides cut short. To get the style use a blow dryer and hair brush to create volume. Put into place with a firm or strong hold pomade.

84. Double Hard Part Pompadour

braidbarbers_high lo fade medium pompadour latest mens hairstyles

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Such a cool haircut for men. This is one of the most creative we have seen. A hi/lo fade with a double hard part for some cool design on the sides. The thick hair on top is styled back into a cool pompadour.

83. Scissor Cut Men’s Haircut -> Medium Length

hanzdefuko_medium length men's hairstyle to try 2016

Haircut by Hanz De Fuko

A timeless medium length hairstyle for men that want to may be traditional but also want to stay cool ad look current at the same time. Medium men’s hairstyles always look great.

82. Short Hair Slicked Back Classic Men’s Hairstyle

andrewdoeshair_textured hair mens hairstyle

Haircut by Andrew Does Hair

A popular men’s haircut for eternity. Short hair blended on the sides into a medium length of hair on top slicked back to put emphasis on your face and eyes.

81. Short Slicked Pompadour + Hard Part + Line Up Freshie

dynastypuertorico_and short mens haircut with hard part 2016

Haircut by Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

Keep it simple with an ultra short haircut. The hard part and mini pompadour gives the classic men’s haircut a modern look. Easy to style. Just work a pomade with a bit of shine into your hair and get out a comb to work your hair into place.

80. Short Spiky Quiff Haircut + Low Fade + Step

ryancullenhair_and cool shadow fade and step haircut mens

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

A cool medium length men’s haircut with spiky textures on top and a wild low fade with a step to add contrast. Very unique guy’s haircut. The textures on top give the hair some great movement to the hair style.

79. High Fade + Curly Hair Undercut Hairstyle For Men

braidbarbers_curly hair undercut modern mens hairstyles

Haircut by Braid Barbers

This is how you make curly hair cool. A high fade with a disconnected combover undercut. The curly hair on top is left long and wild. Curly men’s hairstyles are super awesome.

78. Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle

men's hairstyles alan_beak_and high fade combed and blown back new haircut

Haircut by Alan Beak

A modern take on the classic men’s slicked back haircut. The hair is styled using a blow dryer and wide toothed comb to create the separation and detail. Use a strong hold matte finish pomade to keep the hairstyle in place. A truly alpha male haircut.

77. Mid Fade + Textured Pompadour Haircut

men's hairstyles javi_thebarber__and high fade longer textured hair on top mens hairstyle

Haircut by Javi The Barber

This could be the most popular male hairstyle of the year. It was a very popular look. A high fade combined with a textured pompadour quiff. To get this cool men’s hairstyle work a generous amount of stronger hold pomade into the hair. Use your palms to work the hair to the side perpendicular to the disconnection and also pull it forward using your fingers. Work and move the hair into the direction you desire. You can also use a blow dryer first to give it some extra movement and volume that your pomade can keep in place.

76. Undercut Hairstyle For Men + Curly Hair

frankdabarber_and_tall curly hair men high skin fade male haircuts

Haircut by Frank Soto

Undercuts are still a very popular choice. They have been a go to male hairstyle for several years and still look cool as barbers create more and more versions of this super cool look. Here we have a curly hair undercut that leaves the hair on top very natural looking in combination with ultra short sides.

75. Thick Medium Hair Messy Undercut

criztofferson_high skin fade and longer hair hairstyle for men

Haircut by criztofferson

Another amazing example of the undercut hairstyle but with longer thick hair on top and a bald fade on the sides.

74. Crop Haircut / Undercut -> Short Hair

markthebarber_and blurry fade and messy crop short haircut for men

Haircut by Mark Marrero

Perhaps the most notable men’s haircut this year. The short crop, this one also a disconnected undercut that sharply contrasts the ultra short sides. Crop men’s hairstyles are great short hair options.

73. High Fade + Long Wavy Hair On Top

virogas.barber_lo fade balded long hair on top new hairstyles for men

Haircut by Viroga’s Barbershop

Hair is left long and loose on top. If you have thick or wavy hair this is one of the best haircuts you can get. The longer hair is disconnected from the clean cut short sides. Simply towel dry or blow dry and go.

72. Taper Haircut + Twist Curls

nellynelthebarber_and natural curls blow out haircut

Haircut by Nelly

One of our most favorite hairstyles for black men. A taper fade keeps the look fresh and clean while the naturally curly hair on top is twisted into fabulous curls.

71. Long Curly Fringe + Short Sides

whitneyvermeer_and cool curly hairstyle for men 2016

Haircut by Whitney Vermeer

Another amazing haircut for guys that have curly hair and think they can’t get a nice but  cool haircut. The longer curly hair is kept heavier up front in the fringe, but short on the sides and back. This is one of the best curly hair haircuts for men that we have seen all year.

70. Hard Part + Natural Curls

juliuscaesar_and_cool side part nicely cut textures haircut

Haircut by juliuscvesar

Clean and crisp on the sides, hard part, and natural curls on top left to do their thing. Great looking natural men’s hairstyles are super cool.

69. Thick Messy Hair Undercut

mikeyyyyyyy__and long fringe undercut hairstyle

Haircut by Mikey

This is the best undercut. Cut very short and high on the sides leaves the thick and longer hair on top almost in a mohawk. So cool. One of the best men’s haircuts by Mikey.

68. Classic Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle For Men

gutierstudio_and slicked undercut hairstyle for men 2016

Haircut by Bryant Gutierrez

Another style that screams alpha male. An undercut slicked back into a very manly style. To get the style…blow dry, use a strong hold pomade like Imperial Barber Classic and work into your hair. Use your hands to slick the hair back or use a comb or brush. Slicked back undercut men’s hairstyles are awesome.

67. Cool Skin Fade + Half Hard Part

alan_beak_and mens haircut with half hard part thick hair on top hairstyles for men

Haircut by Alan Beak

An innovative barber creates a unique men’s hairstyle. We have a cool looking half hard part combover styled into a loose pompadour. A pompadour undercut combover hybrid hairstyle for men.

66. High Fade Combover Haircut For Men

braidbarbers_and classic pompadour best haircuts for men

Haircut by Braid Barbers

A classic combover pompadour haircut styled to perfection. Great beard + cool hairstyle.

65. Hi-Lo Fade Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle

lianos_urban_cutz_and clean hi lo fade with surgical part mens hairstyle 2016

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

Another creative pompadour hairstyle. A surgical part separates a high and low fade.

64. Blowout Mohawk Haircut -> Super Cool

jorgethoo_and__blowout__mohawk_burstfade hairstyles

Haircut by jorgethoo

Awesome blowout all shaped up including a fine styled sideburn.

63. Modern Slicked Back Men’s Haircut + Beard

the korean barber step haircut modern hairstyle

Haircut by Jun Her

This haircut wins the prize for creativity. Your classic men’s haircut typical of the business world for so many years. This unique men’s haircut is brought to life with a sharp bald fade and step on the sides that exudes a screw you bad boy attitude. Icing on the cake with the disconnected beard and neck tats. Love it.

62. Natural Curls + Double Hard Part

zeke_the_barber_and natural curls double hard part haircut for men

Haircut by Zeke

Medium length curly hair twisted up. Nice and clean sides and double hard part for style.

61. Short Textured Hair + Mid Skin Fade + Hard Part

braidbarbers_and mens haircut skin fade textured choppy crop with fringe swept to the side

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Keep an eye on Braid Barbers if you want to get an edgy look. Here we have one of the first crops seen in the year with a disconnected beard, bald fade and hard part. One of the best haircuts for men that want to stand out in the crowd.

60. Cool Hair Design + Natural Curls

team_hairbenders_and cool hair design and dual color hair 2016

Haircut by Team Hairbenders

Very cool design etched into the temple area. The best temple fade of the year! Men’s hairstyles with these designs are super cool.

59. Surgical Line + Undercut + Wild Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

lianos_urban_cutz_and drop fade and surgical line haricut

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

Faded high and low and split by a surgical part. On top we have a long hair pompadour running wild.

58. Short Textured Haircut For Men

deakinandwhite_and awesome short haircut with textures hairstyle

Haircut by deakin&white

A beautifully textured short haircut for men. Perfect if you want to be all business at the office.

57. Surgical Line + Buzz Cut

nickthebarber_and Slope Fade Part short haircut

Haircut by Nick The Barber

A sharp cut surgical line to separate a bald fade from the rest of the head that is clipped ultra short.

56. Medium Length Wavy Hair Hairstyle

morrismotley_and short side longer hair on top hairstyle for men

Haircut by Morris Motley

If you have thick or wavy hair work it with a cool slicked back hairstyle for men.

55. High Bald Fade + Natural Curls

changeman__and high skin fade curls haircut

Haircut by changeman

This high bald fade offers noticeable contrast and gives movement and life to the hair left natural but neat on top.

54. Classic Side Part Haircut For Men + Medium Length Hair

thegentlemanbarbers_and side quiff haircut for men

Haircut by The Gentleman Barbers

A view from above of one of the most popular men’s haircuts this year. Mid to high fade on the sides with a pompadour quiff up front.

53. High Bald Fade + Messy Quiff

sky_salon_and bald fade and loose messy hair on top cool haircuts

Haircut by Sky Salon

A side angle of the men’s quiff. We have a high skin fade with hair on top being styled into a neat messy look.

52. High Fade Pompadour Haircut

blendz_barbershop_high fade long on top cool haircuts men

Haircut by Blendz Barbershop

Another look at one of the most popular hairstyles for men. High skin fade on the sides and longer messy hair on top sculpted into a pompadour.

51. Thick Hair Quiff Men’s Hairstyle

mokumbarbers_ fade and long quiff hairstyle for men

Haircut by Nay Queen Of Fades

A low fade with thick textured hair on top styled into a quiff.

50. High Skin Fade + Longer Textures On Top

rokkmanbarbers_and mid to high skin fade longer textures on top haircut

Haircut by Rokk Man Barbers

If you want cool and classic this is the best men’s haircut you can get. Bald fade and medium to short hair on top.

49. High Fade + Hard Part

pjabreu_and high fade disconnected hairstyle for men

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

A shorter version of the pompadour hairstyle. The high skin fade and hard part puts the emphasis on the pomp.

48. High Fade + Slicked Back Undercut Haircut

cutthroat_george_balded fade medium hair cool haircuts

Haircut by George Coady

Another simple all cool male haircut. Short on the sides. Slicked back on top. Cool.

47. Short Curly Hair + Blended Short Sides

rpb_nq high fade short wavy hair hairstyle men

Haircut by Ross Parlane Barbershop

Got curly hair. Cut it short for an easy to manage hairstyle for curly hair. Use a pomade with shine to get this look.

46. Taper Haircut + Cool Curved Hard Part

patty_cuts_and cool curve hard part short haircut

Haircut by Pat Regan

Awesome shape up haircut. Clean as a whistle. And super cool detail with the hard part curve.

45. Long Curly Fringe + High Fade Men’s Haircut

agusbarber__and long curly fringe high fade mens haircut

Haircut by Agus Barber

If you have curly hair but want to keep it longer while at the same time not looking like an absolute mess, this is the haircut to get. Super clean fade on the sides and back, combined with a long fringe that adds some cool style to the look.

44. Very Fine Hard Part + High Fade + Long Fringe In The Front

mikeyyyyyyy__and disconnected hard part skin fade longer fringe haircut

Haircut by Mikey

Another very cool undercut by Mikey. The sharp disconnect to this haircut style is incredible with the long fringe. The undercut is a trendy hairstyle that will continue to be popular. It seems that each month that goes by we see new undercut haircut styles emerge. Undercuts are great because they are so easy to style and manage. You can rock this short hairstyle for men with or without hair product.

43. Slicked Back Curly Hair Men’s Hairstyle + High Skin Fade

sirpaulcharles_and skin fade and natural waves men's hairstyles

Haircut by Paul Charles Sheaffer III

An amazing short curly hair haircut with a high fade. Curly hair looks so good cut short and slicked back with a pomade that has shine.

42. Combover Haircut

cullencharlie17_medium hair fade and beard best mens hairstyles

Haircut by Charlie Cullen

This is a cool haircut. It is a hybrid of a combover fade haircut and an undercut that is more disconnected towards the temple.

41. Burst Fade Haircut

pjabreu_and burst fade cool haircut styles

Haircut by Pedro Abreu

The burst fade haircut is all about making a bold statement. One of the best haircuts of the year.

40. Very Short Men’s Haircut + Ultra Clean Skin Fade

stevetrujillo_and short mens haircut 2016

Haircut by Orlando Barber

The ultimate of short haircuts for men. If you have thick hair this is a great option for the summer months or if if you live in a hot climate. Keep things looking and feeling cool with an ultra short clipper job.

39.  Medium Length Textured Quiff Hairstyle For Men

michelangelo327_lo bald fade quiff mens hairstyle

Haircut by Miguel Angel Cifuentes Robles

This textured quiff features a cool low bald fade blended into a medium length of hair on the sides and longer hair on top.

38. High Fade Pomp-Hawk

drewdabarber_and under hawk haircut for men

Haircut by Drew Da Barber

A cool modern haircut that shows multiple hairstyles in one with a very high bald fade that creates an undercut combo pompadour mohawk look.

37. Undercut Crop Haircut

mikeyyyyyyy__and cool short hair crop hairstyle haircut

Haircut by Mikey

As in the last hairstyle this one also shows multiple haircut styles in one. This time a mix of a short undercut and a men’s crop haircut.

36. Taper Haircut + Waves Hairstyle For Black Men

criztofferson_and taper fade and waves haircuts

Haircut by criztofferson

A perfect taper / temple fade freshy and short hair styled into waves.

35. High Skin Fade + Thick Messy Textured Hair On Top

criztofferson_and crispy undercut styled with adh dry hairstyle

Haircut by criztofferson

This is a very cool men’s haircut that will be around for a long time. It features a low bald / drop fade and messy choppy medium length hair on top. If you have thick hair this is a great looking haircut for you.

34. High Fade + Side Swept Fringe

_karco_and_longer hair high fade mens hairstyle

Haircut by karco

This hairstyle is all about the long hair on top and long fringe in the front that contrasts with the sides cut short. Looks great with the beard.

33. Long Curly Hair Undercut Hairstyle For Men

braidbarbers_and zero fade with undercut both sides long curly fringe cool hairstyles

Haircut by Braid Barbers

The best of both worlds. Short hair on the sides and long curly hair on top let loose all natural like.

32. Curved Hard Part

diamondstatusbarbering_and cool short hair hard part mens haircut

Haircut by Diamond Status Barbering

Add some detail to your ultra short haircut for men. But be prepared to get that surgical part cleaned up every week.

31. Drop Fade + Curly Slicked Combover

anthonythebarber916_hard part wavy pomadour mens haircuts 2016

Haircut by Anthony Giannotti

Another great example of how to make curly hair look great. A medium length slicked back.

30. Short Pompadour + Low Fade Haircut

swisshairbyzainal_and drop skin fade short medium hairstyle for men

Haircut by Zainal

Beautifully blended from top to bottom. A versatile short men’s haircut that can be styled a number of ways.

29. High Fade + Messy Curly Hair

hearseyboy_and curly hair and high fade hairstyle

Haircut by hearseyboy

Bald fades are great for hot weather especially if you have thick curly hair. This curly hair haircuts is paired nicely with a well groomed beard.

28. Long Curly Fringe + High Fade Men’s Hairstyle

ryancullenhair_and_natural movement with longer front short sides mens hairstyle 2016

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

A sharp fade puts the emphasis on the curly hair on top creating movement into the fringe.

27. Medium Length Pompadour Haircut

r.braid_and high fade and medium hair blown dry mens hair

Haircut by Robert Braid

To get this hairstyle blow dry your hair back and then work in a touch of strong hold pomade. Comb or brush your hair into place.

26. Half Hard Part + Textured Quiff

ceejayfadez_and messy hair blown dry side hard part hairstyles men

Haircut by Chris

Another variation of the textured quiff that is faded nicely into a beard. Blow dry the hair and use a medium hold matte finish pomade.

25. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle For Men

braidbarbers_and skin fade undercut new mens hairstyles

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Your classic men’s undercut hairstyle. Use a bit of medium hold product to keep it flowing back.

24. Short Textured Crop + Hair Design

paulmacspecial_and hair design and short textured hair haircut for men

Haircut by Paul Mac Special

How many trends and styles can you pack into one haircut. Here we have a lavender color job, hair designs carved into the back, hair textured on top and cropped in the front, and a disconnected beard. All eyes will be on you when you walk into the room.

23. Long Curls On Top + Surgical Line

team_hairbenders_and dope long curly hiar and hair design fade

Haircut by Team Hairbenders

A modern blowout fade with longer natural curls on top. The side surgical part adds some flare.

22. Modern Skater Haircut + Bald Fade + Long Fringe

dannyandcobarbers_and long fringe skin fade haircut cool mens hair

Haircut by Danny & Co. Barbers

This haircut works really well with straight fine hair. The bald fade make the hair on top and fringe up front appear to have more volume and movement.

21. Burst Fade + Curly Hair Men’s Haircut

level_137_and great lines medium hair on top bald fade short mens haircut

Haircut by LEVEL

This burst fade looks great with some length left on top. The color adds definition and brings out that mohawk look.

20. Ultra Short Crop Haircut

thegentlemanbarbers_and short crop popular hairstyle for men

Haircut by The Gentleman Barbers

Another version of one of the most popular men’s haircut styles of the year the crop haircut. This one is super short and tight. A great option if you have thick hair.

19. Wavy Hair Men’s Hairstyle + Long Fringe + High Fade

jamie_justgents_and long textures and curls short sides best haircuts

Haircut by Jamie Roberts

A great way to show off thick curly hair. Party up front and all business in the back and sides with this mid fade. Men’s hairstyles with longer fringes look great.

18. Angled Double Hard Part

hawkthebarberprodigy_double hard part hairstyle for black men

Haircut by Hawk The Barber Prodigy

Incredible subtle details that turn a regular short men’s haircut into one of the coolest men’s hairstyles.

17. Short Slicked Pompadour + High Fade

nickthebarber_and high fade pompadour mens haircut

Haircut by Nick The Barber

This is another great example of how to go from a classic short haircut for men to something that is a bit more modern look. The fade is high, and the hair on top is styled into a pompadour / quiff / combover hairstyle.

16. Angled Surgical Part + Short Curly Hair

ellisjohnbrown_and cool skin fade and tapered back hairstyles for men 2016

Haircut by Ellis

A very cool modern twist to the hard part / surgical part.

15. Curved Hard Part + Waves

patty_cuts_and waves and curved hard part mens hair

Haircut by Pat Regan

Awesome shape up and curved hard part. Another beauty by Pat Regan.

     14. Textured Quiff + High Fade Haircut

jackrobinsonpullen_and fine hard part fade short textured hair men hairstyles

Haircut by Jack Robinson-Pullen

One of the best short to medium men’s haircuts of the year. Mostly short, but a touch extra length in the front makes this a haircut style that can be styled so many ways. Go light on the product to bring out the textures and also maintain a natural look. Or, use a bit more pomade and slick your hair back for a completely different look.

13. Pompadour Hairstyle For Men + Surgical Part

hayden_cassidy_and modern pompadour skin fades mens haircuts

Haircut by HaydenCassidyHair

One of the coolest pompadours of the year. The haircut features a mid fade separated by a surgical hard part. The hair on top has extra volume created by a blow dryer. Use a light hold pomade such as ADH Dry.

12. Medium Length Hair Slicked Back

morrismotley_and slicked back hair hairstyle for men 2016

Haircut by Morris Motley

Sick of fade haircuts? Ask your barber or hairstylist to stick to the sheers. This men’s haircut has been scissor cut short on the sides and is blended seamlessly into longer hair on top that is slicked back for a classic alpha male hairstyle.

11. Men’s Hairstyles: Thick Wavy Hair Undercut

nicholas_the_greek_and skin fade and defused top mens hairstyle

Haircut by The Greek

An undercut and curly natural hair. Just let the body in your curly hair do its thing. No need for any hair product.

10. Clean Fade Short Men’s Haircut

changeman__and shadow fade haircut for men

Haircut by changeman

A super clean shadow fade and disconnected beard.

9. Textured Quiff + Surgical Part

ryancullenhair_and hi lo fade textured quiff best haircut for men

Haircut by Ryan Cullen

Perhaps the men’s haircut of the year. Men’s quiff haircut with side surgical part accent.

8. Ultra-Short  + Surgical Part

dtownpresident3.0_and fade with had part and short hair mens haircut

Haircut by Dtown President Barber Paul DeSales

Turn a buzz cut into a more modern look with a hard part.

7. Longer Men’s Hairstyle Blown Dry Back

braidbarbers_and mens hairstyles 2016 medium hairstyles for men all scissor cut

Haircut by Braid Barbers

Another perfect men’s haircut for medium to long hair. Scissor cut short at the back and low sides to keep things looking neat and tidy.

6. Slicked Back Hi Lo Fade

lieanne__and_cool mens haircut 2016

Haircut by L. Buckley

Low bald fade with a side hard part. Hair on top is slicked back and blended in nicely. Very cool men’s hairstyle.

5. Long Fringe Undercut Men’s Hairstyle

barber_djirlauw_and high fade on both sides long fringe mens hairstyles 2016

Haircut by Ruben Djirlauw

Long fringe and long hair on top with a bald fade on the sides creates a super stylish undercut hairstyle.

4. Short Quiff + Hair Design

bolinbarber_and hi lo fade hair design hair color best hairstyles men

Haircut by Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

A bit more maintenance is required for this haircut style, but it looks so cool. Hair design, hair color, and textures define this haircut.

3. Surgical Line + Messy Textures + High Fade

lianos_urban_cutz_and cool textured hair on top with side hard part haricut for men

Haircut by Dimitris Lianos

Want an easy to manage hairstyle? This is a cool short haircut for men featuring a high fade, surgical part, and messy textures. Simply towel dry and go.

2. Freshy Clean Haircut + X-Ray Design

patty_cuts_and freshy clean haircut 2016

Haircut by Pat Regan

Cool x-ray hair design, bald fade, and beard.

1. Low Fade + Long Messy Hair

long men's hairstyles: the korean barber medium hair scissor cut best haircut

Haircut photo by Jun Her

If you want to grow your hair longer and look like a modern man this is a great hairstyle for you. The look is kept looking clean with a low fade. You can keep the hair on top looking messy and wild, or add some hair product to style it in place. This men’s hairstyle shows movement in the front as the fringe contrasts with that low fade.

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