Trendy + Classic Mexican Haircuts For Men

What are Mexican haircuts for men? Looks for guys that live in Mexico as well as Chicanos in the United States. These cuts work for the thick hair that most Latino men are blessed with.

And why Mexican hairstyles for men? Hair is one way of telling the world who and what you are. Fashion can also signal what culture or sub-culture one identifies with but hair can speaks just as loudly.

Some of these hairstyles are from Mexican barbers here in the US as well as south of the border. States that are well represented include Texas, New Mexico, California, and Colorado.

As for styles, there are trendy cuts as well as popular classics. There is the Edgar, of course, but also bigger styles like the crop, mullet, and two-block. Some timeless styles that are still on point are the buzz cut, fade haircuts, comb overs, sides parts, and more. Keep scrolling for pictures of haircuts for boys, curly hair, and long hair.

Check out these 23 cool hairstyles for Mexican men of all ages.

Trendy Hairstyles For Mexican Men

1. Blonde + Black Hair

Highlights are hot right now. Instead of streaks, this is one bold chunk of blonde plus a brow slash.

2. Crop + Mullet

The only thing better than one cool hair trend is two cool hair trends. This cool look might have even more with a textured crop, mini mullet, temple fade, brow slash, and maybe a hint of the Edgar in the line of fringe across the forehead.

3. Crop + Design

This crop fade has the same combination of texture, temple fade, and slash as above but in a totally different way.

4. Hair Design + Nape Shape

A geometric design and pointed neckline elevate this short haircut into something special

5. Textured Fringe

The crop trend brought back fringe for men. This is a modern version of the Caesar with a low fade.

6. The Edgar Haircut

The Edgar is popular with some, hated by others, but always talked about. Sometimes this takuache can be bowl cut, mullet, or crop like above. It always has a defined line of bangs across the forehead.

7. Short Haircut + Textured Style

Sometimes a classic men’s look can be updated with modern styling. That is the case here with plenty of texture and movement freshening up short hair.

8. Blowout Haircut For Mexican Guys

The blowout isn’t trendy everywhere but it is trendy somewhere. A taper fade cleans up the edges while longer hair is styled with maximum volume.

9. Burst Fade Mohawk

The burst fade modhawk is always popular, especially for curly hair. Make it even trendier by growing the neckline into a mullet.

10. Two-Block Haircut For Mexican Men

The two-block is a popular haircut for Asian men but also works well for Hispanic guys. The name refers to the two parts of the cut – medium length hair that flows over short hair.

11. Mullet

Thick hair looks even thicker with this cool cut. The mullet has a hint of a pompadour at the front, comb lines at the back, and ends with some wispy flow.

Classic Haircuts For Mexican Men

12. Buzz Cut + Line Up + Taper

This is the trifecta of men’s hair with a short buzz, straight line up, and low fade around the back.

13. Waves Hair

Mexican guys can get hair waves too. For straighter hair, waves are looser but still have an attractive shape and texture.

14. High Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts are always popular, especially for guys with thick hair. This high fade leaves hair longer on top with blurry sides. Keep it up with barber visits every six to eight weeks.

If the high fade isn’t for you, try this low drop fade. If this isn’t it, maybe the mid fade is just right.

15. Comb Over Haircut

This hairstyle looks so good that it works for all ages. The deep side part leaves plenty of hair to be combed over. A little bit of wave locked in with some product takes this look to the next level.

16. Hard Part

A shaved hard part makes it easy to style hair for boys and men. This cut can be combed over like above or slicked back.

17. Side Part Hairstyle

Here’s another way to wear a side part. Instead of working hair over hair back, it goes up. With the low part, this creates a striking asymmetrical shape.

18. Pompadour + Side Part

The side part pompadour is another way to pair a side part haircut with a high volume hairstyle. The key is strong hold pomade to keep the look in place all day.

Haircuts For Curly + Long Hair

19. High Fade + Curls

This cool look pairs ringlet curls on top with a fade below.

20. Curly Hair + Taper + Heart

This is a curly blowout cut with the added detail of a Drake-inspired heart shaved into the neckline.

21. Fade Haircut + Short Curly Hair

This curly haircut is shorter than the previous two with a lower fade.

22. Curly Crop Fade

This curly crop takes the curls shorter and fade lower. Of course, longer curls with a low fade or short curls with a high fade are possible too.

23. Long Hair + Mullet

If you’re wondering how to style long hair, this temp fade mullet makes it easy. Just slick hair at the front back a little bit and the rest styles itself.

24. Mexican Men With Long Hair

For the full impact of men’s long hair, leave it long all over and wear it down. A part, whether it’s in the middle or on the side can read a little bit hippy or hipster. Avoid that by slicking it back like this.

25. Long Hair Mullet

You don’t have to wear long hair in a mullet but maybe you should. The temple fade looks great with hair worn down and just as good with a ponytail or man bun.

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