Wedding Hairstyles for Long, Medium, Short Hair

For many brides, finding the right hairstyle is right up there with finding the right dress and the perfect makeup look, and we completely understand why. Most brides dream of their wedding day their whole lives! With pictures and video ensuring your memories from your special night live on forever, we’re here to help you make sure your hair is everything you want it to be (and more). 

If you have short hair and feel limited for hairstyle looks, then you’ll need top picks for wedding hairstyles for short hair. If you have medium hair then you need the best-suited wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. For you ladies with long hair, there are so many wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from. Lastly, if you have thin hair then you’ll need to get creative with wedding hairstyles that can give your naturally thin hair some oomph. Overall, you’ll need a hairstyle tailored for your specific hair type, so you can put your best hair forward on your wedding day.

If you’re a guest at an upcoming wedding, then you’re likely also wondering what you should do with your hair for the occasion. You need the perfect hairstyle that is going to look great, without upstaging the bride.

Don’t fret. If your big day is coming up or you’re a guest at a wedding, we have you covered with easy wedding hairstyles based on your hair type. Here comes the bride!

Wedding hairstyles for thin hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for thin hair:

Doughnut Bun

This is a classy look on any bride. Plus if you use a bun maker, this will automatically give you the full bun look you’re looking for. After you create a high ponytail, place the bun maker around the elastic of the ponytail. Then roll the bun maker down to the base of the ponytail to create a full bun. Secure it with some pins, so you can dance the night away like the Dancing Queen that you are. If you don’t have a bun maker, hair extensions work just as well. 

Sweet Braid

The mermaid braid is the envy of all, especially when its wearer has long, thick hair. For those of you with thin hair, don’t worry! You can still achieve this look by using a set of hair extensions to boost your natural hair. For a wedding look, just braid your hair and accessorize it with floral clips or a pretty barrette. This requires limited styling and so we love it for our roundup of easy wedding hairstyles.

Front Braided Updo

This unique style gives the appearance of fuller hair. Start by creating a medium braid and wrap it over the top of your head. Secure the braid with a clip. Then choose an updo of your choice to secure the rest of your hair in the back. The result is a beautiful look that makes the updo look even more romantic. What’s sweeter than a romantic hairstyle that you can fall in love with every time you look at your wedding pictures?

Crown Twist  

Why not consider a crown twist for your big day? This no-fuss look gives you just the right amount of drama. The best part about twisting your hair is that it automatically gives it a fuller look. If you need some extra help with volume then consider adding a set of hair extensions. Once you have the ideal length and thickness, simply gather a few inches of hair at the front of your head and twist it to the back, securing it with a pretty barrette or bold floral clip.

Crimped Waves

If you have thin hair then styling your hair with curls lifts the hair shaft and almost always does the trick. Tease your hair at the crown to give it some extra lift as well. Lastly, add a birdcage veil for a little bit of extra drama (Carrie Bradshaw would be proud).

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for long hair. If these ideas aren’t quite your style there are plenty more hairstyles to consider

Brushed-out Waves  

Hello, Hollywood glam! This look exudes class and is gorgeous on all brides. We had to include this on our list of easy wedding hairstyles. The waves can be achieved with a large barrel curling iron or even velcro hair rollers, the next step is simply brushing out the curls. This creates a soft, effortless wave pattern. If you need some extra help with length or volume on your big day, use hair extensions to give your hair some oomph—like our favorite hair stylist Ruslan Nureev did with these blonde balayage clip-in extensions.  

Deep Side Part with Barrette 

Start this hairstyle with long, voluminous hair. If you don’t have this naturally use a set of hair extensions. To achieve this elegant hairstyle start by gathering your hair to one side, then use the back of your comb to create a deep side part. Clip a barrette to the opposite side of your head from where you gathered it. Barrettes are on-trend, and there’s a reason—they make almost any look a little bit prettier. Choose one that is embellished and sparkly for your big day. This hairstyle is super feminine because it highlights your collarbone and shoulders. 

Braided Chignon Bun  

The braided chignon bun is an elaborate, but gorgeous hairstyle. The best part of this look is that you won’t have to worry about the style becoming frizzy over the duration of the night, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Start by curling your hair, then twisting small sections of hair and securing each section with bobby pins. There are so many updos to experiment with before the big day. 

Half-up with Flowers

This hairstyle is perfect for the laid back bride since it doesn’t require a huge fuss (or a lot of bobby pins). This look is certainly on the list for easy wedding hairstyles because of how low maintenance it is. Firstly, use a curling iron to create some loose curls throughout your hair. Then section your hair in half and use a clip to secure the top layer. To complete the look, add a few sprigs of baby’s breath to cover the clip. Who doesn’t want to look like an ethereal forest fairy on their wedding day? To level up, this hairstyle try this.

Loose Braid

What’s more boho than a braid…especially a loose one? Start with curled hair, braid it in one large braid at the back of your head, and then tug at the braid to create an undone look. Make sure to leave a few hairs at the front to frame your face. By adding a few flowers to the base of the braid it looks even more boho-chic. 

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for short hair:


Short hair can be super elegant, especially with this swept-back look. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this look is definitely easy to achieve. Simply brush your hair back with a spritz of hairspray and secure it with a sparkly clip. Another benefit of this hairstyle is how low maintenance it is, you’ll barely have to worry about it throughout the night.

Finger Waves

Another one to add to our list of easy wedding hairstyles is this feminine look. For ladies with a pixie cut already, finger waves can be a fabulous hairstyle for your wedding day. To achieve this hairstyle, use a curling iron with a smaller width to curl small sections of your pixie. Add some shine serum to give it that extra boost and that’s it, you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

Crystal Headband

No matter how short your hair is, a crystal headband can elevate your look. The headband is like a halo making you look like an angel on your big day (especially in a white dress). Just place your headband on your head and tame the rest of your hair underneath. Low-key brides rejoice! This one was a no brainer for easy wedding hairstyles since hairstyling is limited for this look. It’s all about the accessories.

Flower Crown 

Short hair can still be versatile. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The perfect accessory to a short style is a flower crown! Visit a local florist to choose a beautiful flower crown to wear on your big day #flowerpower.

Deep Side Part with Waves 

If you have a short bob this look is super chic for your big day. It also makes our list of easy wedding hairstyles because of how simple the look is to achieve. Use a curling iron to create loose waves then create a deep side part. Finish the look with a sparkly barrette. 

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Here are our top picks for wedding hairstyles for medium length hair:

Retro Flip

This throwback hairstyle is reminiscent of Jackie O. It’s bringing back all kinds of 70s vibes and we’re loving it. For a bride that isn’t afraid to go back in time, this look is nostalgic in the best way. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this one totally fits the bill. Just use a barrel brush and a blowdryer, pulling down and outwards. 

Curly Lob 

This look is fire! These bouncy curls are playful and voluminous just like Sandy from Grease. For the bride that isn’t afraid to look sexy on her big day, this is the hairstyle to try. Transform your predictable lob into something totally unexpected. Plus a little edge on the big day never hurt anybody!

Front Braid and Textured Waves 

This sweet look is even sweeter with baby breath. Start by using a curling iron to create soft waves through your hair. Gather a small section and braid it, clip it back and tuck a sprig of baby breath. 

Soft Slick Back

Keep the hair away from your face with this soft slick back. To achieve this look start by straightening your hair with a blow dryer. Then use a texturizing spray to add a touch of grit. Use your blow dryer to pull your hair back and raise it at the crown for extra lift. 

Sleek and Straight 

You can’t go wrong with this sleek look on your wedding day. As far as easy wedding hairstyles go, this look is high on the list.  Simply blow dry your hair straight and then use a straightening iron to complete the look. Keep your hair straight and frizz-free all night with strong holding spray and make sure your shine game is strong with a shine serum or hair oil.

Wedding guest hairstyles

Here are our top picks for wedding guest hairstyles. Remember as a guest, you’ll want to find easy wedding hairstyles with limited fuss: 

Chic Ponytail 

Look like the chicest guest at the wedding with this ponytail. Start by using a large curling iron to achieve big waves, then simply brush them out and tie your hair up in a high ponytail. Spritz some holding spray to keep the wave pattern and that’s it!

Loose Waves

You can never go wrong with thick, luxurious waves. The best part? This is one of the best easy wedding hairstyles. Use your blow dryer and a barrel brush to get extreme volume especially at the crown. Then use a curling iron to tame any flyaways and define the curl pattern a little bit more. If you need a volume and length boost then consider adding a set of hair extensions. The bigger the hair the better!

Wavy Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is glam x100 which is why we love it. Use a curling iron to create loose waves all over your head. Then section the top layer of your hair and use a discreet hair tie to tie up the layer. Let the waves cascade on either side of your shoulders for a sweet look. Shine serum is going to be your best friend for this particular look in order to give your waves definition. 

Low Sleek Pony 

This sleek pony will help you radiate as a wedding guest. For this look, you’ll want to create a neat middle part and use gel to tame your hair at the crown. Start by curling your entire head, then use a discreet hair elastic to tie your hair low on your neck, sweep your hair to the side. 

Old Hollywood Waves

These waves will make you feel like the gorgeous guest that you are! The look starts with a simple side part, then use a curling iron to curl your hair from mid-shaft. Ensure you curl your hair inwardly near the ends. Use a setting spray to keep the look intact all night long!

On your big day, be sure to choose the best hairstyle for your hair type. For ladies with thin hair, the goal is to make your hair look thick and voluminous. Usually adding a set of hair extensions will make a big difference and give you more hairstyle options. Otherwise, there are wedding hairstyles for thin hair that will also help to boost fullness. For ladies with Rapunzel hair, our picks of wedding hairstyles for long hair will do the trick. For those with hair that is not too long or not too short, try one of our picks for wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. If you have short hair and feel you don’t have a lot of hairstyle options, we rounded up the top wedding hairstyles for short hair. For guests going to weddings, the best wedding hairstyles for guests are usually ones that are simple to achieve but still make a statement.

We hope we’ve helped you get one step closer to your perfect day with our picks for easy wedding hairstyles. And they lived happily ever after.

Written by: Amanda Desouza

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