5 Easy Hairstyles for Back to School

This is our last full week before school starts up again.  I was scrolling through ideas looking for hair ideas for the first week.  You know, the only week your kids look good at school? 🙂  These are my top 5!

1- Bailey’s 25mm Wand Curls.  I chose this one for a first day of school look.  The first day is when girls want to look their best!

2- Criss Cross Ponytail.  Ponytails are always a good choice.  Why not add a little flare to your ponytail?  Don’t mind if I do!

Close up view of "Criss Cross Ponytail" hairstyle

3- Butterfly Tie-Back.  I love tie backs and this one has cute flare.

Back view of girl standing indoors wearing a red ribbon in her hair modeling the "Butterfly Tieback" hairstyle.

4- Reverse Chinese Ladder–  This is a new hairstyle for us.  I love how cute and unique it is.

Back view of girl with long hair modeling "Reverse Chinese Ladder" hairstyle

5- Double Fan Bun–  This 2 minute hairstyle is one of my all time favorites.  So cute and so easy!

When my kids were little, I was always super excited for the first day of school.  As the kids have grown, I see the time growing so fast.  I’m able to really enjoy summer time with them.  So with mixed feelings, I will send them off again next week.

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