7 lazy morning hair hacks you need in your routine

Ah, back to school! There’s nothing like the prospect of a fresh agenda and new school supplies to get you in the mood…and there’s nothing like the sound of an early morning alarm to take you out of it. Sure, in theory, every morning would start out with some meditation, followed by leisurely sipping on a cup of jo, but of course, this isn’t always possible. Life happens, you stay out too late, you just don’t feel like spending time fussing with your hair when you could be doing something else? Whatever the case, we feel you!

If you’re not going back to school, we’re willing to bet you still love a quick lazy morning hair hack. Whether you’re looking for a way to rock a cute hairstyle without compromising on sleep while rushing to work in the morning or you’re a busy mom with no time for excessive primping, these lazy morning hair hacks are sure to help speed things up. Minimal time, minimal effort…if that’s your vibe, we’ve got your back.


#1: Lazy curling 

Lazy girl hair hacks

If you like wearing your hair in curls or waves but don’t have the time to curl your hair normally (we get it, we’re talking waking up a half-hour to 45 minutes earlier in the morning), this hack is for you! Speed up the process by gathering your hair up into a ponytail and split it right in half. Then, take a curling wand or curling iron and curl each section. This will give you loose waves that look effortless and best of all, this technique is so much quicker than curling your hair in small sections.

#2: Dry shampoo tip

Lazy girl hair hacks

We all know that dry shampoo is a savior hair product but taking some time to blend it in and ensure there is no white cast left behind can be a pain. Rather than waiting for the morning, we recommend spritzing some dry shampoo at your roots before bed since your scalp actually produces the most oil while you’re sleeping. This way, it’ll absorb the oils while you rest and when you wake up in the morning your hair will feel refreshed and revived! 

#3: Pre-curled waves 

Lazy girl hair hacks

If you like to wear your hair curled with extensions, this hack is for you! Simply pre-curl your Luxies the night before and hang them in your carrier to preserve the style. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is clip-in your extensions and you’re good to go. Plus, Luxy Hair extensions tend to hold curl better than most people’s natural hair, so you’re likely to get multiple wears before having to re-curl your Luxies.

#4: Easy volume 

Lazy girl hair hacks

Craving some va-va-volume but don’t want to deal with the fuss of blowing out your hair, teasing it, and using multiple products, we have a solution. The answer lies in the infamous claw clip! All you have to do is wait until your hair is about fifty percent dry and clip up the top layers of your hair to add some extra lift to your roots. Leave it in place for about 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of volume you want. Go about your routine and when you release the clip, you’ll have tons of long-lasting volume with minimal effort since it’s dried in an upward position.

#5: Messy half-up 

Lazy girl hair hacks

Having a morning where your hair isn’t looking good down or up! Well, the messy half-up ‘do is perfect for these days. Gather the top layers of hair and pull them up into a messy bun. This works especially well on second or third-day hair as the extra oils will help the hair hold better and give it some texture.

#6: Low bun with face-framing pieces

Lazy girl hair hacks

A classic and elegant style with an effortless edge, the low bun is perfect for those mornings where you’re super tight on time. All you have to do is twist the hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck, leaving out some face-framing pieces to soften up the look. Next, curl the pieces you’ve left out of the bun to tie the look together, and you’re ready to grab your book bag and head out the door.

#7: Voluminous pony

Lazy girl hair hacks

Craving that messy, extra voluminous ponytail look but don’t have enough hair…or don’t want to spend the time backcombing your strands. The secret is to create two ponytails instead of one. Section off your hair into two parts horizontally and tie of the bottom section into a high pony. Then, do the same with the top section right above it. You’ll notice you won’t even be able to tell there are two distinct ponytails; your hair will just look lifted and extra full.


That’s it, there goes the bell! Let us know if you have a lazy morning hair hack you love in the comments below. We love hearing from you! 


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