9 Wedding Hairstyles To Walk Down The Aisle In
Bridal Hairstyles X Bailey Wanted

Dress: Pronovias courtesy Brides of France // Photo Credit: Karl Ray Photography

Bridal season is fast approaching and ladies everywhere are looking to get into wedding formation From dress shopping and face beats to hair and nail slay, we’re all about helping find the perfect look to mark the momentous occasion. To get you started, we’re looking at hair trends that can go from street style to aisle-worthy with minimal fuss. According to award-winning stylist Kimberly Steward, two key looks that are trending high are loose natural textures and set curls.

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“Rolling into 2017, we’re not seeing tight structured updos as much,” said Kimberly. “Instead, we’re seeing more free-flowing tresses.” The stylist also shared some looks she and her team have created over the past few months using Le Chic BSB extensions to help give ladies inspiration for their big day. 

From gorgeous top knots and maiden crowns to strategic twists and flowing curls, click through to get into the looks along with tips for achieving.

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