Baby Birds Hatching To Leaving The Nest In 5 Minutes! | Hairstyles For Girls

Hey guys! We normally don’t post anything other than hairstyles on this blog, but once in awhile we see something so cool, we just have to share! Hope you don’t mind something different today.

This Spring we had a Robin build a nest and lay eggs in our backyard. We were able to document the process of them growing up and leaving the nest! We were shocked at how fast they went from 3 little blue eggs, to skinny bald pink creatures, to cute little chubby birds with feathers.

Watch from the tiny eggs hatching, to grown up birds in a 5 minute time lapse video! (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

The entire process took about 1 month. Around 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch, and another 2 weeks for the babies to grow and leave the nest. Crazy! We were so impressed with the mother bird and her dedication to her nest. We had the worst weather ever with wind, rain, hail, sleet, freezing temperatures, and snow! She kept the eggs and babies warm, fed, and safe. Miraculously all 3 baby birds survived. Hope you enjoyed our “nature video.” 🙂 See you again soon with more hair related content!

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