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Come “shopping” with us and help choose the perfect dress to wear to the Sweethearts / Preference semi formal dance at her High School this weekend.

 Watch the video below to see all of the choices: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Semi Formal Dress Shopping

All of these dresses came from her closet, or have been given/ loaned to her from the closets of her friends and family! As you can see, she has quite an assortment of different styles to choose from and they are all so cute, so it will be a hard choice!

Dress #1 Sleeveless, cream colored fitted lace on top. Short, flowy light pink flower print skirt.

Dress #2 Knee length, knit, flower pattern with pockets and ruffles on the sleeves.

Dress #3 Mustard color crocheted floor length dress with 3/4 sleeves.

Dress #4 Black lace, knee length, with white ribbon and lace accents and bell sleeves. 

Dress #5 Short white shift dress with lace sleeves. 

Dress #6 Sleeveless black velvet top with shiny stripe and flower pattern full shirt with sash. 

Which dress is your favorite? Leave a comment letting us know which one you would choose.

Some of these dresses are more casual and could be worn to church, weddings, dinners, or other events. And a few of these dresses are more formal and could even be worn to the Prom, Homecoming, or other more fancy events and dances. At her school, the semi formal dances have a wide variety of styles and dresses worn by the girls. Some go all out and wear a formal dress, while others wear casual dresses. She could really wear any one of these for her date.

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