how it is done and who it suits

LOB or Long Crop cut: how it is done and who it suits

Let’s find out all about the new Lob or Long Crop hair fashion, how it is done, who it suits you and the photos of the most beautiful looks to be inspired by!

The short cut that is popular in this period is called “lob” or “long crop”, ready to become one of the coolest must-haves. Let’s find out how the lob cut is done, who is good for it, what are its most beautiful variations and all the ideas and photos of the most beautiful looks presented by the hairstylists!


The Lob or Long Crop haircut is a cross between the bob and the pixie cut. The meaning of the acronym “lob” is “long crop” which means “long pixie cut”, in English the short and straight cut is defined as “crop”. What are the characteristics of the lob haircut? It is shorter than a classic bob cut, longer than a pixie, and with irregular lengths or with different scales often disconnected. A jaunty alternative to the classic very short haircuts, it is shorter in the back of the head, usually at the nape of the neck, and thicker in the front, with a full base above and bangs that can be worn long, curtain but also short, as in the proposal by Toni & Guy. Franck Provost presents it to us with a long, slightly asymmetrical tuft, while Intermede and Trinity Haircare aim to enhance its superior volume. It is a hairstyle that looks its best when worn messy. Inspired by the 90s, the lob recalls the look of Natalie Imbruglia in her video clip of her hit “Torn”. Among the stars who launched it is actress Florence Pugh, but it is a haircut that is already becoming popular on social media, ready to conquer celebrities and influencers.


Easy to manage and with a great visual effect, the hair lob is the fashion choice of the moment. But who is long crop good for? As with any short cut, it is perfect on the oval face with not too marked features, as Tigi shows us, but beautiful on the high cheekbones. If we have a long face, let’s break the verticality with a full bangs, while a long curtain fringe and longer side tufts will help to take away the width of a round face. Low forehead? Let’s comb it back as La Biosthétique shows us. But let’s avoid it if we have an important neck, opting for longer lengths. The bangs is also useful to minimize a high and wide forehead, while if we wear the lob with a long tuft on the side and a very lateral line we can hide an important nose. Not suitable on a round face. But find out who short hair of this type is good for in our in-depth study!


The long crop easily adapts to different hair textures. If we wear it straight, in the style of the award-winning boule by Franck Provost short on the nape, it will have a more bon ton and feminine look, ideal for those looking for refined but fashionable hair cuts over 50 and 60. Obviously it is one of the most beautiful wavy hair cuts, in fact it was born to be worn with a fake disheveled hair and with a little defined fold, as Intermede shows us. Wonderful as a choice for which he wants to try curly hair cuts full of movement and dynamism, the curly lob is very trendy with a very pared fringe to be left with a wind effect in the hair on the forehead. Slight lightening, balayage effects, or in the case of Franck Provost Indian Sun, give it a lot, optically lightening the volume on the lengths.


We remind you that hair grows more or less than one cm every month, so if we want to keep the haircut and the disconnected scaling intact, a monthly visit to the hairdresser is necessary. If, on the other hand, we want to soften its lines, we can let it grow for at least a month and a half or two. How to style it? If we have straight hair, we just dry it with a hairdryer and brush without focusing too much on definition and without taking away its volume. If we have curly and wavy hair and want to make the contrasts in the scaling more evident, a curling iron and a touch of fixing product are ideal for enhancing waves and curls. The final touch? Let’s run our hands through our hair and give it a messy effect, this is the strong point of this cut!

What do you think of the new Lob hair fashion, also called Long Crop? What is the most beautiful variant in your opinion? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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