Long haircuts winter 2019 2020: all the trends

Long haircuts 2020

Asymmetrical, geometric, with bangs or scaled, here are all the long hair trends in winter 2019 2020!

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Lots of original ideas for long hair winter 2019 2020 cuts! The international hairstylists offer us different inspirations in view of the cold season, from grunge haircuts to bon ton ones from the 1950s, from looks with asymmetrical bangs to the most modern and gritty geometric cuts. But let’s take a look together with the most beautiful winter 2020 long hair trends and the images of fashion looks for this season!

Long Scaled Haircuts

The long scaled haircuts are designed this year to create natural volumes while retaining an idea of lightness. The long hair trends 2020 reward seductive looks in their simplicity, hairstyle for long hair that rejuvenate and create a refined movement around the features. This is the case of Fabio Salsa’s haircuts for medium-long hair, designed to enhance the round face and give character to fine and thin hair, while Jean Louis David enlivens the hair by adding a very lateral line and focusing on golden blond reflections on a base of Brown hair. Square face? Here comes the very scaled cuts of Kemon, styling designed to emphasize the health of the hair, in which shapes and lengths create sinuous movements giving a very elegant touch to the look. Take a look also at the photos of the beautiful cuts for medium hair for winter and all the new cuts scaled in our mega collection!

Straight Long Haircuts

Among the most particular winter 2019 long haircuts we find the asymmetrical and geometric ones, a perfect trend for a girl, but not only. This year Davines awards original haircuts from architecture and design, and dedicates to those with long hair their gritty cuts with long frontal hair scaled in a very irregular way. Smooth hair lovers with bangs? Italian Style Energy signs a look inspired by the 90s, perfect for thick hair characterized by full, smooth and shiny bangs, with lightened tips and shaped with special techniques to give a minimal and sophisticated touch to the look. With this type of cut, red and black hair acquires a truly irresistible modern rebel mood! Do you love important lengths?

Long Wavy Haircuts

Among the proposals for winter 2020 long haircuts, those for wavy hair are the most refined. The hairstylists aim to enhance the feminine cut for excellence, the scaled one, keeping the front strands long, a neat trick to make the features appear less marked, especially for those with long noses. The key word from Kemon this year is “no filter”: authentic beauty in its simplicity manifests itself through cuts that allow easy styling changes based on the occasion. This is why lengths remain important and long hair with tuft acquires a bon ton accent thanks to refined 60s touches such as the central uniform. Haircut that will give to those who wear glasses a delicious preppy mood! But above all, simple looks that can be requested from the hairdresser and enlivened with light bleaching or colored locks that create more evident contrasts, as for the haircuts proposed by Kandinsky.

Long Curly Haircuts

Long curly hair? The password is exaggerated volumes! This is what David Barron demands for his most aggressive 2019 long haircuts. Haircuts that combine definition and important scaling, but also luminous reflections and a 90s touch decided in the choice of a very lateral uniform. Looking for feminine and refined cutting ideas for the over 40s and 50s? Jean Louis David plays a lot with color contrasts while maintaining delicate reflexes, while the best touch is the long tuft that falls on the face, soft and never too defined. If you have curly hair, do not miss our tips on curly hair to always have them beautiful and remember to always use the best shampoos for curly hair.

Long hair cuts with bangs

But among the most interesting autumn winter 2019 haircuts there are especially those with bangs. Italian Style Framesi is inspired by the concept of decadent romanticism for its long cuts with more youthful bangs. The cuts for long hair with grunge echoes acquire a touch of modernity thanks to the bangs that grazes the eyebrows, a casual and casual look with a soft volume with textured points, ideal for those with a high forehead. From Kemon the bangs remains so long that it becomes a side tuft, but there are asymmetric and more aggressive geometric cuts between Vog’s proposals, for a lively and intriguing end result at the same time.

What do you think of the photos of the most beautiful long haircuts we have selected for you? What is the haircut that wins you over at first glance? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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