Messy Bun: How To Do A Messy Bun

Hey guys and welcome back to Luxy Hair’s Channel. My name is Elanna Pecherle. You may have seen me before on this channel, but I do have a channel of my own and it will be linked down below. Today’s video is very exciting because I’m gonna be showing you guys three different easy and quick messy buns. I love messy buns. I think that they give a little bit of a stylish edge to the look.

So I’m gonna be showing you guys three different ways you can achieve a messy bun, two of which are going to be using my Luxy Hair extensions in dirty blonde and then one without my extensions. So if you guys wanna see how I created these quick and easy messy buns then just keep on watching.

Okay. So the easiest way to create a messy bun with extensions is using the one and two clip wefts. I like to find the height of where I want my messy bun and then I section it off so I can start placing my clips in.

Using two of the two clip wefts, I just place them right on top of each other. And these don’t feel heavy whatsoever. It’s the best way to create a messy bun or a pony tail with extensions.

Taking my hair down and creating another section, I’m gonna be placing all these single clips there.

And for the last section, I’m just gonna use another two clip weft.

So once all the extensions are in, we’re ready to go. So I like to lightly toss on my hair back up into a pony tail. And I’m just gonna pull out pieces around my face to frame it and just to add to the messy look.

So once you have all of the face framing pieces out that you want, I’m gonna go ahead and start tying my hair as if I’m creating a pony tail, but on the third time I’m only gonna pull my hair through about half-way so it creates a big loop.

Right after I pull it through, I like to go through at the root of my hair and just lightly tug so that it’s not too tight. With the remaining pieces of the hair, I like to just wrap it around and tuck it into the elastic.

Once you’re happy with the look of the bun, then that’s you. I think this look is so soft and feminine and kinda has a Bridget Bardot look to it.

Okay. Onto the second messy bun. I am still wearing my Luxy hair extensions, but I’m gathering my hair until a low pony tail. And using my hair elastic, I’m only creating one loop with it and then using the remaining pieces of hair and bringing it over the loop and securing it in place.

This messy bun is definitely my favorite because normally I would wear my hair up a little bit higher for a messy bun, but I think it looks a little bit 90’s grunge wearing it lower.

And for the final messy bun, I am not wearing extensions for it. What I like to do is flip my head over so that I can get good height for this messy bun. And take the ends of my hair, really twist it, and then just wrap it around and then secure it in place with an elastic. Play around with the placement and pull out some face framing pieces. And that’s you. This one is extremely easy to achieve.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s tutorial. If you recreate any of these looks, don’t forget to hashtag Luxy hair. I hope everyone has a beautiful day and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye.

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