Poppin’ Hair with Coi Leray

Emerging recording artist, Coi Leray, is dominating the billboards. Her single, “No More Parties” tops at #2 on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 music charts. With her versatile sound and unique style, Coi Leray, is grabbing the attention of everyone worldwide. We got an exclusive look at Coi’s favorite hair products and the story behind her infamous “Coi Leray braids.” 

Hype Hair: You embrace your natural hair so well

Coi Leray: Thank you. I am a natural hair girl, for sure.

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Hype Hair: How long have you been natural? 

Coi Leray: I’ve been natural my whole life. You know, I tried a wig. I’ve tried sew ins and all kinds of stuff. But like, honestly, nothing works. The maintenance part is like the biggest problem for me. I like to be able to just get up and go. So braids were always a thing to just seem very easy. Simple.

Hype Hair: What are your go to products to use while maintaining your hair?

Coi Leray: Honestly, I tried different things. Right now, I’ve been actually using and testing out my CBD hair growth oil that I got going on. You want to see what I’m currently using?! I can show you. 

Coi shared her line up of what was currently in her wash day line up, products ranged from Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus line, Not Your Mother’s Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter curl cream, Curlsmith’s Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash and John Masters Organic Conditioner for Dry Hair with Lavender & Avocado. 

Hype Hair: You’re really into healthy ingredients and maintain the health of your scalp. 

Coi Leray: One thing about me, I like to wash my hair and the products need to smell really good and feel clean. But besides that, when I get my braids, I like to use products that don’t make it flake. That’s not too oily. Really, lightweight products. 

Hype Hair: How empowering is it for you to be able to wear your natural hair? What does it feel like to you to be able to rock your natural hair proudly?

Coi Leray: It makes me feel like I could breathe because I remember putting one of those babies on and had actually pulled my face back, it was super tight. The glue was kind of burning me. It just kind of made me appreciate my natural hair because I don’t really have the patience to go through that. I really don’t. And it’s very expensive, like, you know, saying I like to ball on a budget and I’m not paying to get my hair done every three days. It’s not gonna happen. I just can’t, I could look cute with my hairstyle that last week or so. 

Hype Hair: I love your authenticity, you always are very truthful from your lyrics to speaking how you feel. You are so fearless when you stand your ground on what you believe in.

Coi Leray: I surround myself with good people. I feel like as long as you surround yourself with good people and what you put in this Earth will always come back to you. So, I just try to really give out positivity. I don’t expect too much, like when you expect a lot, you will be disappointed. I feel like I give love and I’m not expecting anybody to give love in return. As long as I give love and I know the person I am. 

Hype Hair: Your “Coi Leray braids” are really popular right now. This is like your signature look, what’s the inspiration behind them?

Coi Leray: When I first started when I got signed, I had cut my hair really, really short. So I had this little fro. I wanted to start growing it out but I knew I couldn’t put heat damage or I didn’t want to do the tight hairstyle. So I just twisted my little hair up and then started growing. I started doing braids. So if you look at old Coi Leray photos, I got these little baby box braids. And from there, they grew into twists. After the twists, I’m like alright, let’s take it up a notch. I started using weaves because then I just started playing with my hair too much and it kind of broke off, had to get back on track. So now, I’m in the process of growing my hair out. I’m in the process of growing my hair without using weaves, until my hair is long enough that I could just go 100% natural. 

Hype Hair: You’re a very versatile artist. You sing and you rap. Your single, “No More Parties” is charting billboards right now. What is your creative process as an artist? When you create your work, what does it consist of?

Coi Leray: Well, I always like to experience, so whatever I’m feeling that day or whatever vibe or whatever happened throughout the week, that’s what I’m thinking about. I just put it into my songs and stuff. And then I’ve got the “Country Club” (my gang with me). We got the Patron, we got the Casamigos, sometimes we got the Hennessy going too. I’m saying everything is lit. 

Hype Hair: When you were younger, what music genre did you listen to most?

Coi Leray: I listen to a lot of “Trap Music” growing up for overall I remember like, back in the days though, in my old days, I used to listen to a lot of like, Kidz Bop, when I was a child. They had a whole list of different songs on there. And it was very versatile. So that’s where my versatility really comes from. 

Hype Hair: Your list of collaborations range from Lil Durk, Gunna, Tyga, and Pooh Shiesty. Who do you hope to work with in the near future?

Coi Leray: I definitely want to lock in with Drake, SZA. I want to collab with J Balvin, Megan Thee Stallion. I would definitely love Nicki Minaj and Jhené Aiko. 

Hype Hair: What can we expect next from you?

Coi Leray: I have a baby hair brush dropping this year. You can also expect my album. It will be coming out soon. We’re about to drop a big feature and push it like crazy. And yeah, it’s lit! 

Check out Coi Leray’s website, www.coileray.com and follow her on Instagram @coileray

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