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Ribbon chain braid hairstyles video tutorial.

Hey guys! Today we are sharing another fun Christmas hairstyle idea.  Although, this technique can really be used for any time of the year.  Just change up the color of ribbons for your event, school colors, or holiday! 

This ribbon chain braid is relatively easy to make and would be a pretty accent for tons of hairstyles.  You could add this braid to an updo, a half up hairstyle, a side braid, ponytail, etc.  We have shown this ribbon chain braid with a fishtail braid in our video (below) as an example.

Ribbon Chain Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Easy ribbon chain braid hair tutorial

Ribbon chain braid with fishtail braid hair tutorial.

Ribbon chain braid or ribbon hair loops video tutorial.

Some tips and tricks: Try to keep the ribbons flat as you are wrapping them around.  If they twist, it won’t look as tidy. Also, tying them all the same way will keep things neater.  You can mix different widths, colors and textures of ribbon for different patterns.  You can make the hair loops larger or smaller depending on the look you are going for. And… pomade, gel, wax, or hairspray will help with flyaways.

We have shown several chain or loop hairstyles in the past, dating back to 2008! If you like this concept, you can browse through more chain braids and hairstyle ideas using chains here.

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