Skeleton Braid Hair Tutorial (With Video)

Skeleton Braid is a new way to create a braid that’s layered, complex and super beautiful. It’s definitely the new “IT BRAID” in my books, because let’s just say – it takes “photogenic” to the whole next level. I have asked Zane to be my model in this hair tutorial, because it’s extremely painful to create it on myself. It’s one of those hairstyle that calls for bonding time with your friend, sister, mom or maybe even boyfriend!

Zane is wearing her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions to add thickness and length to the braid. I will also show in this hair tutorial how you can skilfully hide the wefts under the braid, so that no one can tell, not even you, that you are wearing hair extensions.

Try the Skeleton braid and let us know what you think. Also, when you recreate the braid, make sure to tag it on Instagram with #myluxyhair. We re-post our faves on our Instagram.

Skeleton braidSkeleton braidSkeleton braid

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