Top 30 Haircuts for Men 2022

2022 haircuts for men

The styles that are in fashion are very varied, allowing each man to choose an ideal haircut for his personality and particular taste. We show you a few photos so you can see the trends and you can choose the style that best suits you and is according to your taste and personality.

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They continue to take some classic cuts that renewed, always come in handy. Since what is worn is a short hair trend, some will find it very comfortable because it does not take much time to look good.

This is one of the most popular cuts that you can go for today. Cut in layers, with more volume at the top of the head and short at the sides. A very chic and practical option. With a little gel, the hairstyle can be looked perfect in just minutes. Depending on the length of the hair, either on the sides or on the top of the head, the result is quite different.

In a matter of men’s fashion, long and uncombed curls are left behind, new trends suggest lightening the waves with a smaller size and combing them back to show off a clear face, and it is quite attractive. For those who do not want to take a long time to fix the curls, they can opt for a simple shave that leaves the curls on top, in order to preserve the natural volume with better control. Also what you can do at the top, where all the curls will be, is add lighter loose wicks to give the hair more texture.

If the texture of the hair is thicker, better handling of the waves can be achieved by cutting towards the center and with a striking dye such as the Californian wicks at the bottom that gives a more modern look to the finish. This can look great on men who have fine hair, this will give the curls more body.


Another style that has been used for a few years and will continue to be used, because it is a very manly and flattering classic for all men. It is an undercut where the sides and the back of the head, the hair is cut more cut but in a gradient. Depending on the height where the gradient begins, it can be a low, medium or higher fade, as we show you in the images that you can see below.

Low fade

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