50+ Most Popular Men’s Haircuts For 2022

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The most popular men’s haircuts include a little bit of everything. That’s why we have 50 different pictures to show them all. From short hair, Black hair, and fade haircuts to trendy cut and professional looks, there is something for everyone and every style.

There are a few reasons why these haircuts are so popular for men.


First, they look good. That’s the goal of a haircut, right?

Second, these men’s haircuts are easy to style. These hairstyles look great with minimal styling time and hair products.

The last reason is they are stylish and in style. Some of these looks are more on trendy than others but they are all fresh and modern. Scroll down and pick out your next look!

1. Short Spiky + Textured Haircut

Javi the Barber

This short men’s hair is cut and styled to enhance texture. You can wear hair up in these loose spikes or down.

2. Men’s Undercut Haircut For Thick Hair + Long Fringe

Wes Staucet

All types of fade haircuts are popular right now. This fringe hairstyle is especially cool because of the distinct line of hair over the high fade.

3. Popular Haircuts For Black Men – Twist Curls

Vic Blends

The line up and fade are popular additions to many haircuts for black men. Some guys wear hair short while others wear hair long. These tight curls are somewhere in between and are on point with this year’s texture trend.

4. Medium Haircut For Men + Long Fringe + Low Fade

Tommy Ransom

Medium length styles for men are getting more popular. Maybe it’s because more guys are into styling their hair. Maybe it’s because they can be styled in plenty of different ways. Maybe it’s because they look so good, like this loose sweep back over a mid fade.

5. Men’s Slicked Back Haircut At Medium Length

Travis Hill

This is essentially the same haircut as the last one but styled into a modern pompadour with some texture.

6. Best Haircut For Men With Short Sides Long Hair On Top


The best haircut for men is the one that makes you look and feel good. This long top, short sides combination is flattering on just about everyone and can be styled as professional or cool as you like. Try an easy to use hair wax to get this texture and hold.

7. Men’s Spiky Haircuts At Medium Length

Zach Ramsey

This modern mullet keeps hair medium length everywhere except the faded temples. This is a very cool way to rock some flow.

8. Men’s Haircut For Curly Hair – Tapered Style

We Married Hair

Loose and textured hair is one of the top trends right now. This curly version takes the look to the next level. Try a hair cream for hold and curl definition.

9. Ultra Short Fade Haircut For Black Men

Vic Blends

This blurry fade is especially striking in platinum but looks just as good in other colors.

10. Short Hair Men’s Haircut + Bald Fade + Beard

Victor Hugo

This is an attractive and easy-to-wear short haircut for guys with busy lifestyles and/or thick hair. The faded sides with short hair on type looks great when styled messy or professional.

11. Haircut For Men With Thin Hair + Cool Beard Style

Drew Nance

A combination of length, volume, and hair product help fine or thin hair appear thicker.

12. Comb Over Haircut + Hard Part

Luke Beaumont

The quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. That bump of volume is ultra-flattering, whether it is in a pompadour like this or spiky. The hard side part adds to the effect.

13. Cool Haircut for Asian Men + High Fade

Trevor Moots

This modern comb over fade is a popular way to style thick and coarse hair.

14. Short Crop Haircut For Men + Hard Part + Bald Fade

Amir Oxygen

The French crop with bangs has been a major trend for the last couple of years. Barbers are keeping it fresh with jagged bangs, a shaved line, and contrasting color.

15. Good Textured Haircut For Men -> Short To Medium Length Of Hair

Parted Hair

There are a lot of choices out there but good haircuts for men aren’t complicated. In general, the short sides, longer top combination is a winner.

16. Men’s Haircut For Round Faces + Tapered Sides

We Married Hair

There are two things that make round faces look longer. The first is height, like this pompadour, to create an elongated profile. The second is short sides, like this temp fade, that don’t add any width to the face.

17. Super Cool Long Wavy Hair Haircut For Men

Fede Hair

Wearing hair long for men takes more than growing hair out. Regular trims keep the shape flattering and ends healthy. This long haircut features staggered lengths around the face.

18. Modern Men’s Haircut + Spikes + Rounded Bald Fade

Men Peluqueros

When we think of modern hair, we think of bold new looks that stand out from the crowd. This curved neckline does just that.

19. Taper Haircut For Men + Beard

Drew Nance

The taper haircut is a scissor cut style without a fade. It’s a classic look that is also in style today, especially with some flow on top.

20. Men’s Haircuts For Thick Hair -> Textured Spikes


This haircut manages thick hair by raising the neckline and removing some weight on top. The cut also enhances texture for these cool spikes.

21. Modern Young Men Haircuts

Wes Staucet

We’re going to generalize here and say that young men tend to go for newer, edgier looks. This fresh look has a mohawk shape from the sides with a fauxhawk/quiff style and piece of pointed fringe.

22. Great Short Haircut For Balding Men -> Comb Forward

Iisakki Nummi

The best haircuts for hair loss maximize coverage with the hair you have. This cut works for receding hairlines as well as bald spots because of the combination of length and texture. Try some of these hair products for hold and to help hair appear thicker.

23. Haircut For Men With Thick Hair -> Slicked Back

Victor Hugo

This pompadour fade haircut makes thick hair look great and easy to style.

24. Short Sides, Long Hair On Top Men’s Haircut

Jacob Horton

Short sides with longer hair on top is a classic combination. This cool version gets an update with a taper fade.

25. Shag Haircut For Men

Travis Hill

A shag cut is a hairstyle that has been layered to various lengths. Spiking hair up shows even more of those layers.

26. Trendy Men’s Haircut -> Spiky Short Hair + High Fade

Jordan Rutledge

The French crop aka the crop fade aka the crop haircut is one of the top men’s hair trends right now. Here’s a shorter version of that cut with plenty of that signature texture.

27. Classic Men’s Haircut -> Blow Dry + Brushed Back

We Married Hair

It doesn’t get much more classic than the pompadour. It’s a slicked back style with extra height. Customize it by wearing it lower or higher, shiny or matte, smooth or textured.

28. Low Fade Haircut For Men With Thick or Wavy or Curly Hair

Seu Elias

The low fade is pretty much a type of neckline. This low drop fade creates a blurry and curved neckline instead of whatever nature gave you.

29. Men’s Haircuts With Disconnected Beard + Long Fringe

Bryant Gutierrez

Obviously you can wear any haircut with any beard that you like. The main thing to consider is the transition between hair and the beard. Some guys keep it connected while this cool look has a beard fade.

30. Textured Fringe Haircut For Men

Alan Beak

Fringe, also known as bangs, as the hair that hangs down over the forehead. Fringe haircuts have always been popular for men, starting with the short Caesar haircut. Bangs are even more popular today, as part of the French crop.

31. Low Maintenance Men’s Haircuts -> Ultra Short Buzz Cut

Parted Hair

This buzz cut with a fade and line up is the easiest and coolest haircut for men.

32. Long On Top Men’s Haircuts -> Natural Curls

Ken Nguyen

Long on top men’s haircuts look great for all hair types, from the straighest to the curliest.

33. Classic Men’s Short Haircut

Drew Nance

Short haircuts for men will probably always be the most popular. Mostly because they are easy. This is a simple and classic cut that a hint of length at the forehead.

34. Professional Short Haircut For Men

Parted Hair

This classic men’s haircut is also very professional. Hair can be styled cleaner for work and messier for play.

35. Undercut Haircut For Men + Curly Hair

Vic Blends

The undercut is one of the most popular hair searches for men, even if people don’t always try it. This type of very high fade makes it easy to wear hair long, whether it’s straight or curly.

36. Short Haircut For Black Men With Waves

Andy Authentic

One of the most popular ways to wear short hair for black men is in waves. Wear 360 waves with this taper fade or a higher fade for 180 waves. Add a beard and shaved line or don’t.

37. Haircut Ideas For Men -> Medium Length Hair

MENSPIRE Male Image & Grooming

It’s an exciting time for men’s hair because there are always more creative and innovative styles. One of the latest haircut ideas for men is neckline hair designs, like this one.

38. Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

Raul Ponce II

When that forehead starts creeping up higher, it’s time to start growing hair longer for more coverage. This short haircut helps minimize a receding hairline while being on trend and looking great.

39. Haircut For Men With Straight Hair + High Fade + Line Up

KJ The Barber

If you have the type of straight hair that want to stick up, go with it with this cool spiky style.

40. Haircut For Men With Wavy Hair + High Fade


Waves bring natural texture and volume to any haircut when given some length.

41. Men’s Very Short Crop Haircut + High Fade

Tommy Ransom

This cool look is all about the quick, high fade and the arc that it makes as it drops down at the back of the head.

42. Nice Haircuts For Men -> Side Part + Slicked Back

Cole Buerkle

This side part hairstyle with a quiff has been a popular cut for at least a hundred years. Pretty nice.

43. Professional Men’s Haircut -> Clean + Short

Lewy’s Barber Room

To be professional, haircuts just need to be clean cut. This short haircut fits the bill with a fade at the temples and a hint of length at the forehead. This cut works really well for gray hair, which can tend to become coarse.

44. Taper Haircut For Black Men

Fede Hair

The taper, also known as the taper fade, is a haircut with a quick fade at the side burns and neckline with an arc of hair behind the ear. On top, hair can be anything you want but this pompadour for black hair is especially cool.

45. New Haircut For Men -> Modern Mullet

Tommy Ransom

There might not be any completely new haircuts for men but there are some new creations. This look starts with a short and textured mullet style and then adds a temp fade, shaved line, and blunt fringe.

46. Best Haircut For Men With Thin Hair

In contrast to the blurry skin fade, thin hair appears thicker. This buzz fade is one of the best options for balding guys.

47. Best Short Haircuts For Men -> Pompadour Hairstyle + High Fade

Raymond Roldán

This is one of the best short haircuts for men because it is short almost everywhere while leaving some length and fullness at the forehead. Style hair into this quiff, a comb over, or spikes.

48. Men’s High Fade Haircut + Naturally Curly Hair

Petey Rock the Barber

This high top fade uses a high fade to focus attention on the shape and texture of hair on top.

49. Popular Men’s Short Haircut + Low Fade + Disconnected Beard

Cheo Barber PR

This thick top, low fade cut is as long as short hair can be.

50. Popular Haircuts for Black Men -> Waves + Low Fade

Victor Hugo

We’ve already talked about how popular the buzz fade with a line up is for all guys. For black men, add some waves.

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