Battle of the Bronzers: Top Picks You’ll Love

Battle of the Bronzers: Top Picks You’ll Love

Okay, bronzers. This can be a loaded blog post because if I was trapped with the choice of only one makeup item, it would be a harddddd decision, but bronzer might be top of that list! (Also, that was a weird intro, because why would I be trapped and still given one makeup item of choice? Hahaha, I digress. ANYWAY.) Here is my battle of the bronzers: top picks you’ll love!

For YEARSSSSS, I absolutely loved and only loved “Warmth,” by Bare Minerals. I still love it. Something about it just feels “glow from within-y.” THEN, I discovered “Faux-Tan” by Bare Minerals, and I felt the same way about that! Love them!

Actually, now that I type that, I am going to put one of them back on ASAP. I sadly do not have much of any bronzer on right now, because I am on a plane en route to Atlanta. Squirrel! Focus, Sarah.

I also remember really loving one by Clinique or Estée Lauder that I remember being GIANT, but I haven’t seen that in years. Hmm, currently planning a peruse around the department store makeup scene! Always looking for an excuse to do that! I blame it on my job (YouTube, Blog, being on TV segments,) but without any of that I would still be showing up begging the makeup retailers to take all my money. Whoops!

highly recommended bronzers you'll love.


Battle of the Bronzers: Top High-Quality Picks

My current go-to bronzers are as follows. Don’t judge the amount that I have in my arsenal, pretty please. We’re all friends here, right? Mmmmkay? K.

Favorite Bronzer #1: Anastasia Beverly Hills

HO-LY Cannoli. Can we say pigment!?!?! Use a light touch and a fluffy brush, otherwise it will be seriously concentrated!

Favorite Bronzer #2: Makeup by Mario 

SAME story on the pigment! Ay caramba, I am pleased.

Favorite Bronzer #3: Charlotte Tilbury 

So pretty! Light, pigmented, but not like WHOA. It’s also an awesome size! EXPENSIVE, though! That lady has some darn classy products. (We talked about her and did a full face of Charlotte Tilbury post and YouTube video earlier in Abby’s blog posts!♡ Check it out!)

Favorite Bronzer #4: NARS 

I used the bronzer in Casino. So good. 

Favorite Bronzer #5: Hoola Bronzer by Benefit

I solely used this for a long while, and I still like it but kind of moved on from exclusively using it!!!

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