Hi friends! It’s Sarah from the Dainty Pear, back here on Abby’s blog! I’ve wanted to review these products for so long, so we’re going to dive into a full face of Hourglass Cosmetics! I’m newish to trying Hourglass and I just had to go all in and get as much as possible from the line, because I am a fan of what I have tried.

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #1: Primer

First, I started with this Veil Mineral Primer. It’s oil-free and has sunscreen SPF 15. It does not go on clear, in case you’re wondering, hahaha, it looks like I sunscreen attacked my face for a second! It feels really nice and hydrating and a little slippery, like a lot of primers do.

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #2: Concealer

I used the Vanish Airbrush Concealer, especially since I had a little problem area (or a few. Hahah. I swear my skin has struggled more after having babies than it ever did in high school!)I know a lot of people have a rhyme or reason for how they apply concealer, but I don’t. I just kind of hit wherever I need it. (I used an Hourglass brush for the concealer and the foundation, which I also find myself reaching for often! It’s great.)

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #3: Brow Gel

I used the Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, and I REALLY liked it. It had a really great feel to it. I also used a pencil with it that did a really good job. It’s called Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil.

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #4: Foundation

Ok, we’re going to jump right into the Foundation Stick. I used the shade SAND. I feel like it did a really good job! Sometimes stick foundations can miss the mark, but it was pretty good!

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #5: Blush

The next thing is the Blush! I got Ambient at Night. The first time I put it on I didn’t have foundation on, and the second time I did, so I feel like it was extra sticky on the second application, so I just had to work it in a little bit.
I bought a Lighting Palette that is meant for deeper skin shades, and I have been using it as a bronzing palette! They are the most beautiful shades and go on silky smooth! I don’t believe they have a contour anything, but I could totally be wrong, so I used this in its place!

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #6: Lip Gloss

Next is the Unreal High Shine Lip Gloss. I also ordered a refillable lipstick duo called Confession. I stuck that on and put the gloss on top! It was a really wearable nude color together!

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #7: Eyeliner

Next up: EYELINER. I picked up their Liquid Waterproof Liner. I just reviewed the Il Makiage one on another post here on Abby’s blog and on my YouTube channel! I loved it, so I was hoping this would live up to that because it’s not cheap! It did a really good job! It’s similar to other good-quality liner pens, I think the other one still might be my favorite right now, though!

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #8: Eyeshadow

Ok, let’s talk about the eyeshadow! I used the individual shadow pots! I was thinking about the green all over but ultimately decided to go for gold. And holy cow, so pretty. It’s a bit more glittery than I originally thought, but when it’s compacted down and you’re getting a good swoop of it, it’s not as glittery. It just kind of tapers off. If that makes sense! Hahaha, probably not. But I really like it.

I also ended up putting some green on the lower lash, because, why not! I don’t generally like glitter on my lower lashes, but I really wanted to try out both. I really like the shades, and I ended up meeting to fix my liner a little bit because I put it on before the shadows!

The compact I got that has blush and highlight in it is called the Ambient Lighting Edit-UniverseUnlocked. I use this ALL the time. The blush and highlight are amazing and I find myself going back to it over and over and over again….And it’s actually the first thing I tried from the Hourglass line, and that is what pulled me into the rest of it. Again, not the cheapest product, but I’ve used it and used it, and love it.

Hourglass Makeup Product Review #9: Setting Spray

I finished everything with the Veil Setting Spray. It does get a little bit sticky if you put too much on, so make sure you use it sparingly. It just takes a long time to dry down if you use it a lot! But I still like it!

My Favorite Products from the Hourglass Makeup Line


So, basically. every single thing I’ve tried from this line I like. I’m happy about everything I purchased, but it’s definitely on the higher end of makeup price-wise! I like to have a good mix in my collection!

WELL, I think that’s it for this Hourglass review! I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite products from the Hourglass Makeup Line. Let me know which products you enjoy trying over on my Instagram @thedaintypear! You can also check out my video makeup review over on my YouTube channel!

Hope you’re ALL having a great day! Thanks for having my back, Abby + TMP Team!

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