Gone are the days of metal-tipped hair ties that rip out a fistful of hair every time you take your hair down from the day’s ponytail. The best hair ties on the market have evolved — for the better, thankfully. They can hold a hairstyle in place all day, protect your fragile strands, and look super cute to boot.

Even if you don’t tie your hair up very often — maybe just to exercise or when you’re really in the zone at work — hair is delicate and easy to damage. The wrong hair tie can cause serious breakage or leave behind pesky dents or creases in your hair long after you’ve taken it down. The right hair tie, however, can stay in place without slipping or creating split ends, and will leave your scalp pain-free all day long.

When searching for the perfect hair tie, Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD (and member of the Invisibobble Hair Loving Task Force), recommends keeping a couple of things in mind. To start, hair ties with rubber bands or metal clasps are big no-nos. She also recommends looking for hair ties that are smooth and wearing them as loosely as you can, because tightness can lead to breakage.

“Material is everything,” Dr. Gohara advises. “Smooth and loose hair ties will always [cause] less to no damage.” Wearing a ponytail holder too tightly can also lead to painful scalp tension, so give your hair a little breathing room when securing your hair band.

Your hair type and texture also matters when picking out your perfect hair tie. Curly and coily hair is more fragile than straight hair, so you want to be extra careful to avoid materials that may snag. Dr. Gohara suggests looking for materials like satin and silk because their smooth textures minimize harmful friction that rips hair and can lead to frizz.

Heard enough? We tapped Allure editors and experts to share their favorite hair ties for healthy hair and happy scalps, and boy did they deliver. Toss old hair bands and start sporting one of the best hair ties to relieve your scalp and elevate your look.

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