Today is a very, very good day for me, folks. I love mustaches. I love (like, really really love) Chris Evans. For the first time since the actor appeared in a Broadway play in 2018, my favorite combination has returned. That’s right: Chris Evans‘s glorious and notorious pornstache is back — well, kind of.

The ‘stache will appear in Netflix’s upcoming film The Gray Man, also starring Ryan Gosling (because this cast wasn’t enough of a thirst trap for me, clearly). The streaming platform revealed its first-look photos of the film on April 27, and I did not audibly gasp when my eyes met my old friend. I did not

When Evans had similar facial hair for Lobby Hero, the aforementioned play, most people weren’t fans; I was not one of those people. Now, however, the internet seems to be on the same page as me, seeing as Twitter is rife right now with flavor savor content surrounding these photos. 

Paul Abell/Netflix

“Chris Evans’s mustache is amazing from every angle,” one fan account writes of the new photos. Another Twitter user reads my mind: “If finding chris evans with the mustache attractive is wrong then i don’t wanna be right fr fr.” And, one of my favorite responses: “Chris Evans absolutely crushing that mustache.”

Evan’s last mustache stuck around for months due to his role in Lobby Hero. This one sadly won’t be sticking around, however, because it was grown for a movie that’s already been filmed. Along with the fact that the film won’t be out on Netflix until July 15, that, I suppose, is the bad news that comes with this glorious photo… which I haven’t already downloaded and set as my iPhone wallpaper… I swear. 

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