What hair color is in fashion for autumn / winter 2021-2022? The most beautiful colors to try to change your look.

The fall winter 2022 hair color that will be more in vogue ? In the next few lines, we will find out together which shades we should show off to be always cool and in the latest fashion.

As every year, the importance of trends dedicated to hair should not be underestimated. In fact, the beauty look starts right from the hair!

The hairstyle and the hair color represent two very important aspects of our look. Hair frames the face, gives us character, represents our personality and can change according to our taste or mood. In short, the hair helps us to express ourselves in all senses and, for this reason, every year it is good to update ourselves on the latest news in terms of colors.

Color is definitely a personal choice and must be made according to our characteristics. Skin tone, eye color and our natural shades play a key role in this choice.
After taking these last elements into consideration, we can indulge ourselves and understand which hair trend of autumn winter 2021 2022 can be right for us.

Let’s see together all the news that will concern the next season….

Winter 2022 hair: bronze brown, cream blonde and red

Let’s start immediately with a new and particularly fascinating color: the bronze brown color.

Bronze chestnut

It is in fact a great protagonist for the new season, an elegant, trendy and extremely enveloping color. The bronze brown is inspired by the natural shades of autumn and light, in fact it is characterized by beautiful warm copper reflections.

Cream blond

Another new and different color from the usual is definitely the cream blonde. The shade takes its name from the English “Cream Blonde” and is a very enveloping, homogeneous, warm and illuminating blonde.

If we want to be inspired by a star who has just chosen this shade we must stop and admire the very special Kristen Stewart. How about? You like it?

Auburn red hair

Like every year, even in this winter season, the coveted red color cannot be missing. In fact, it is a shade coveted by many but not suitable for all .. we have to say it! The red of autumn winter 2021 2022 must be absolutely natural. The ideal shades are those that best suit your complexion without being fake. Among the most popular shades we certainly find coppery red and mahogany red.

Blondes: caramel blonde and honey blonde

Let’s go back to talking about shades dedicated to blondes. Yes, this year we could choose between different types of this color to awaken the blonde in us! The fall / winter 2021 2022 will entice you to experiment with the type of blonde that suits you best because it represents one of the hottest colors of the whole season.

Cream blond

In addition to the innovative cream blonde, we will find two great classics: caramel blonde and honey blonde. As for the caramel blonde it is a color that can look good on many different bases, in fact it turns out to be very versatile. The cool caramel blonde is a type of blonde characterized by cold and warm lightening, so it is always well balanced. The hair is exactly caramel colored and is characterized by extremely thin and natural blonde locks.

Honey blonde

The last blonde protagonist of the season is the timeless honey blonde. A color able to soften even the hardest features and perfect even only on the lengths through the shatush technique. Honey has always been a much loved shade of blonde because it can emphasize any cut and scaling. An elegant, illuminating and perfect color to give even a few years less to your beautiful face … even if you don’t even need it!

Let’s not forget about black and dark brown

Last but not least are the darker and enveloping shades. Black goes well with everything and for this reason it is also perfect on our hair. If you are a lover of black hair, then you can’t go wrong with autumn winter 2021 2022. The hair must be shiny and effective, you can also opt for some shades with hints of blue or even purple. The important thing is that it is an intense black, impactful and full.

We conclude the hair trends of winter 2021 2022 with a color that never tires: brown. A delicate, refined and timeless color, perfect if you want to change but without daring too much. The brown that we will see next season is called “Espresso Brunette”, like that of Penelope Cruz, a color that takes inspiration from the legendary espresso coffee. Brown hair can be shaded and also characterized by cold shades.

A full color, easy to maintain and beautiful when worn with a nice long yoke. In short, the autumn winter 2021 2022 hair color will do nothing but surprise us in terms of colors and shades for our hair.

What is the most beautiful hair color of 2022?

Really difficult to say, but since we are approaching autumn, full shades with some nuances are better, and why not, transforming your look totally with these beautiful shades.

And you… have you already chosen which nuance to try on your beautiful hair? Let us know what you think in the comments….

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