2022 blonde hair shades to try this year according to the latest hair styling trends.

Route change! The blonde hair 2022 focuses on new nuanced or full shades, which leave less contrast on the hair root and more natural shades.

After years of shatush with dark bases and blonde highlights, we return to a more natural look, both to have more tidy hair and to manage regrowth … This does not mean that we can no longer have “creative ideas for the head” but just a look always in order starting with the hair color.

If you are looking for a change of look or just want to update your blonde hair, here are some tips according to the latest hair styling trends.

2022 is certainly the year of the most decisive blond with full shades, whether they are warm or cold.
For blondes all the way through, with no half measures in terms of coloring, it’s time to try platinum blonde!

This blonde turns white and is also very comfortable for hiding white hair. Or simply as a trend, it is no coincidence that it is chosen above all by the very young.

You can create a full color or if you like to keep some contrast, try the platinum blonde shades, but starting from the root.

Blond highlights

Oh I know that someone is regretting the highlights, especially browns, but when it comes to hair, don’t worry because the golden rule is to see yourself beautiful!

Of course there are trends, otherwise how could we have definitively abandoned the “highlights at pedestrian crossings” but there is always a middle ground …

So coming to the highlights, you could opt for truly natural reflections, which start from the root and accompany your base color. The less you notice the detachment the better.

Cold blond

Cold blond also has its charm, especially in winter. Choosing this particular shade of blonde is a very precise style choice and must be balanced very well with the base in order not to create too much detachment.

It is an extremely chic blonde and for those who love minimal and sophisticated looks.

Warm blond

Warm blonde, honey, champagne… this shade is also trendy and is especially good for those with a fair complexion.

Personally I have worn this color for years and not only have I always found it very manageable in terms of regrowth but it also warms the winter look!

With this color I also added a hint of platinum “Face Framing” to frame the face.

Face Framing blond to refresh the look

Whether you are blonde or brown, to change your look you don’t need to twist it every time, even small tricks or tricks like Face Framing, a technique for framing the face and giving a unique touch of brightness. You will notice it especially from the selfies!

So, friends, which shade of blonde did you choose? Follow us on Istagram to keep being updated on all the beauty news of the moment!

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