Hair colors summer 2021: blond, brown and red

Discover all the latest hair trends and get inspired by hair colors for summer 2021

In summer you have to be daring, especially when it comes to hair and color. Not only because it helps us feel more beautiful, but also more confident about ourselves. Which will allow us to increase our self-esteem.

From blond to brown to red, the new hair color trends for summer 2021 are varied and above all rich in shades. We play with the natural color of our hair to enrich it with lightening and bright reflections, more or less warm, so that even the color will be just a distant memory (at least for the summer and for the holidays).

We just have to find out together what is the hair color fashion for summer 2021.

Hair colors summer 2021: blonde

If you are wondering which color to choose to embellish your hair in the summer, surely the blonde could be for you. Hot or cold, in fact, there are several shades you can choose from: from the balanced nuance of the vanilla version to the cooler one of the platinum version, without forgetting the warmer one of the wheat version. And so many others.

Obviously, for a radical change, one should opt for a uniform blonde tint all over the hair, but as we said, the shades are the real hair color trend for summer 2021. The idea is to blend and lighten the hair. lengths, leaving the roots untouched for a natural effect.

We therefore speak of techniques such as balayage or Face Framing. In the first case, a “sun-kissed” effect is obtained with subtle lightening, also suitable for brown hair, with a natural and delicate touch. In the second case, however, the locks that surround the face are lightened to further illuminate it and highlight its features, thus obtaining a decisive effect.

Summer hair colors 2021: brown

Must have for the summer is definitely brown, the hair color for summer 2021 suitable for all women. Elegant, versatile, captivating, full-bodied: in short, a color that never tires thanks to its thousand shades to choose from.

An explosion of colors and “scents” that cannot be renounced. From the most requested and warm ones of chocolate brown to mocha and coffee shades, from constant almond and hazelnut shades to light brown combined with blond. Without forgetting the balayage technique which can blend the brown color with caramel tones.

A color that is always able to reinvent itself and never go out of fashion, confirming itself as the undisputed champion of colors for dark hair. Without forgetting that it could very well establish itself as a hair color for summer 2021 even for short cuts and not just long ones.

Summer hair colors 2021: red

Of course, the numerous shades of red could not be missing as a hair color fashion for summer 2021. A warm and intense nuance suitable for lighter complexions, around which a charm of mystery and magnetism has always hovered from which we are inevitably attracted. (Who wouldn’t want to have red hair?)

The color of the moment is above all the copper variant, a very natural light and copper red inspired by the nuances of the earth and nature. Versatile, intense and brilliant, it is capable of warming the complexion and giving it a tone. It requires a lot of care for the color to be maintained, but the final result will be excellent and the effect guaranteed.

Alternatively, especially for those with dark hair tending to black, you can opt for shades of cherry red. Shades tending to purple, capable of giving vitality and greater intensity to your hair.

And for those who want to dare more?

For those who want to dare and play with colors, they can do so by opting for unusual but captivating shades, able to liven up our hair, to have an always fashionable look.

Let’s talk, for example, of the timeless gray that is having great success thanks also to Pantone 2021 (Ultimate Gray). If it was once a symbol of “old age”, today it is sported, not only by more mature women, but also by younger ones.

But let’s not forget the shades of pink, peach and apricot, in their warm and delicate pastel dyes to be used on the entire hair or simply on the lengths. Perfect for light hair, but also brown.

Be inspired by the hair color trends for summer 2021 and make your choice.

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